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Vibration Neck Massager


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Large & Medium-sized Medical-grade

Silicone Tubes Covered Portable Neck Massager – Heating Vibration Pain Relief USB Rechargeable Cervical Vertebra Physiotherapy to Relieve Muscle Stiffness, Improving Blood Circulation, Toning Stretching. A bestseller with new and high quality

Keep a Neck Pain relief massager in your office drawer at work, on your nightstand at home, or atop your dresser in your closet. Each Massager offers classic vibration therapy combined with powerful micro-gravity technology to relax sore and tired muscles quickly. What’s even better is that you don’t have to be plugged into any outlet. Just charge the Massager as you would your cell phone with the included USB Unimax power bank, and get on with your day!

Bring on the luxury!

This elegant Vibration Neck Massager provides soothing relief for tense, sore muscles with gentle pressure and a welcoming vibration. Its stainless steel heating element adds warm comfort, while its USB rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 hours of continuous use. Keep calm and neck on with!

This rechargeable Mini-Foldable massager is powered by a USB cable; it’s small, simple, and easy to use. Reduce the pain of the neck with heat AND vibration at the same time, which can help relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation and define muscles. Its adjustable, stable, lightweight, and portable design allows you to take it anywhere, home, office, or travel.

You are probably already familiar with the original Massager that people all over the world have raved about. But now you can get a mini version of the Neck Massager!

It can be used portable for the same purpose as the big Massager,

It is specially developed for traveling and keeping in the office. The mini-neck Massager, through heating and vibration, massages the body parts with pain, stimulates the bulletin, promotes blood circulation, and improves muscle-related disorders. At the same time, you can use it for your us or your family at home to relieve fatigue or pain. Do not hesitate to buy it now! You deserve it!

Fashionable, elegant, portable, and multifunctional Mini Foldable Heating Neck Massager is your best choice when you want to relieve stiff neck or cervical neck pain. Besides, it also can help to cure stiff muscles, improve blood circulation and relax tired shoulders effectively. With four adjustable modes of massage, it can meet individual needs. It is easily charged by the USB cable directly.

This neck massager has a USB rechargeable feature.

Not only can you use the USB to charge the device, but it can be charged via the USB adapter on a computer or notebook PC. The neck massager boasts an ergonomic curve design which is convenient to carry and use. The neck massager will be your favorite secret weapon for stress relief.

This neck massager is handmade with top-grade material and leather, comfortable and lightweight. The multifunctional heated Massager incorporates neck massage, shoulder massage, back/spine/leg massage, total body vibration exercise, and facial massage modes; it offers 12 intensity levels for choice: low, medium, high, and special customized intensities. You will get a painless feeling in your neck and shoulder after using it.


It is super easy to use; just plug it into the charger and press the ON button when you need to switch it ON, then use your fingertips to gently hold PGMU against any part of your body where you feel pain and massage. It also can be used as a foot massager, heel stabilizer/cushion, and elbow warmers. It will heat up automatically when used for more than 15 minutes.

Our neck massager is a portable, lightweight neck massager that can be easily taken anywhere during your trip or at home. Designed for convenience and comfort, this Bluetooth neck massager will target stiffness and tension in your neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles. Additionally, the device is fully portable, so you can bring it with you wherever you want or need it most.

Mini-Foldable Neck Massager

Heating Vibration Pain Relief USB Rechargeable Cervical Vertebra Physiotherapy – Lightweight and portable design, easy to take and use. – Via the heating function, the neck massager helps warm muscles, relax tense muscles and alleviate stiff neck and shoulders – This mini-foldable neck massager uses gentle vibration and kneading massage with heat to help relieve stress, tension, stiffness, and more in the back and shoulders – The Massager is powered by an electric motor that quietly provides soothing relief

This mini-foldable neck massager has a heating function and can vibrate to help you relax your muscles from the pains. It is specially designed for those with a stiff neck and is quite convenient to use at home or on the go; what’s more, it has a USB rechargeable function so that you can charge it anytime and anywhere.

Our neck massager is a portable vibration pain reliever.

You’ve been looking for. The Mini-Foldable Massager features a heating and vibration function that helps to loosen tight or sore muscles, as well as a USB rechargeable tool that is designed to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders.

We are professional quality, FDA-approved, and CE certificate vibration neck massager manufacturer, offering a mini-foldable product with two colors for your optional. AAA battery voltage is 2.4V and is included in the package. Mini-Foldable Neck Massager can relieve your stress, anxiety, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and other related pain problems.

Get the most out of your neck Massager.

With the Mini-Foldable Neck Massager. Made by Vibration Neck Massager manufacturer, this mini-neck Massager is not only small enough to travel with you on any trip but also durable and dependable enough to be used daily. With a foldable handle, heating function, and three intensity levels for targeted relief, this neck massager is ideal for those who suffer from tension headaches, neck pain, and more.

Our Cervical Vertebra Physiotherapy Massager is a mini-foldable and portable back massager with a heating function, which can help you relax your muscle. Expandable handheld design, easier to use. Suits for neck and back pain relief and cervical vertebra physiotherapy.

If you are sick of back pain and shoulder pain

Our Mini neck massager with heating function and vibration function is your best choice. It will give you a warm and effective massage for the neck and shoulder at any time, especially when you have a big workload, fatigue, or muscle soreness. The mini neck massager will quickly relieve your pain and improve your blood circulation.

Pain relief on the go! Our Mini Massager provides deep tissue and effective neck, shoulder, upper back, and lower back pain relief. The sleek design is made to fit in your purse, briefcase, or suitcase, so you can take it anywhere for instant relief and relaxation. Features include a USB rechargeable heating function, convenient remote controls, and three relaxing vibration settings to choose from.

Listen to your body and enjoy a better life.

The mini neck massager stimulates blood flow, improves blood circulation, and helps you release stress, making the muscles more flexible. The vibration therapy increases blood flow, while the heat therapy can relieve muscle soreness and stiffness—your body will get totally relaxed! It even includes a USB rechargeable battery pack so you can cart it around anywhere.

Soothe your aching muscles with the Vibration Neck Massager. This mini Massager uses vibration and heat to relax you, providing pain relief and relaxation for the neck, shoulder, back, and other areas of the body. Its flexible head can fit comfortably in any position, while its inner heating function helps stimulate blood circulation and increase metabolism. The Massager can also be used as a cooling device to relieve hotness or swelling. With a USB rechargeable design and the included AC adapter, this is a convenient on-the-go massager to help relieve pain with heat and vibration.

Treat yourself

To the convenience and relaxation of a massage anytime you want. Simply select your Favorite massage mode, heat function, or vibration function(optional) using the only power button on the back, t

Your pain is not a problem. We have designed a simple, mini, and foldable neck massager. It can supply the power required for relaxation. Mini-Foldable Neck Massager Heating Vibration Pain Relief USB Rechargeable Cervical Vertebra Physiotherapy is an effective way to relieve pain related to injury and stress.

Bring comfort and relief.

To a neck ache in minutes with the Mini-Foldable Neck Massager. Enjoy deep tissue or pain relief relaxation without the use of drugs or medications. It allows users to choose between gentle heat and vibration massage to soothe an achy neck and shoulders. Made from ultra-soft, comfortable neoprene fabric, the mini massage cushion is accompanied by easy-to-use infrared heating technology, as well as a USB port for convenient charging. With two intensity levels that can be controlled by the user, this foldable neck massager brings much-needed relaxation to tension-filled areas of the body.

Pamper your neck and shoulders with the versatile Mini-Foldable Neck Massager. This portable neck massager fits right into your carry-on luggage. Just plug it in and let it take the pain away.

 a fusion of modern materials, innovative technology, and hands-on craftsmanship

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and linen fabric, products have a professional feel and look that you would expect from a high-end product. Neck massager heating vibration will make you feel comfortable, relieve the effects of stress on your body, and relax your painful muscles. Multiple modes provide you with choices to find one that is right for you. Furthermore, its portable design makes it easy to carry around wherever you go!

The Mini neck massager, as a portable and convenient neck pain relief device, is used to reach the area of the neck with the greatest ease and make any type of massage. If you are in a state of pain connected to your self-image, this product lets you get rid of it without spending too much time or money. The strong heat function will relax all the muscles in your neck. With two vibration levels, it will bring you to complete relaxation after a day at work. No more stiffness or soreness. Just good for your muscle massage.

Our Mini-Foldable Massagers are coated with pure Aluminum and Copper.

They can start heating by themselves through the rotation of the outer shell and release electricity through the shell’s 100% pure aluminum wire. While it helps relieve muscle aches, it also helps promote blood circulation to speed up muscle recovery. Sitting at your office? Feel tight neck/back? Relax. This handy massage device is ready for action! The vibration function helps relax muscles, reducing stress during the massage, which helps the muscles to feel more relaxed and tension free! Adjustable speed for relief in different intensities or even add some fun along with its vibration function!

Do you want to reach a healthy state of relaxation? With this Portable mini Portable Massager, you will be refreshed after use. To apply the silver-plated massage head to your neck, take off the silicone pad of different vintages produced with silica gel.

Unique and Fashionable Design

Simple and Portable, USB Rechargeable. Clinical tested result, relieve yourself from the neck pain and tense muscle of the head, neck, and shoulders. Our device will make you enjoy a comfortable life. It is a nice gift for your family or friends to go traveling or business trip (which includes adapter( EU / US/ UK / AU)

Exclusive handheld mini massager for neck and shoulders, with three massage modes: vibration, roller, and heating. Perfect for heating up stiff muscles and relieving pain. The removable lithium battery lasts up to 80 minutes of use from a single charge. The charging port connects to a computer or any 5V USB charger. Ultra-soft head and ultra-solid package design make the Massager comfortable to use even by force. Great gifts for your beloved friends.

Don’t waste your time and money

Trying to relax in uncomfortable chairs at the airport or on long flights. Relax in style and keep the pain away with this ergonomically designed neck massager. Near-instant relief and a handheld power cord allow you to experience relaxation whenever you want it, wherever you are.


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