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TV Phone Stand

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TV Phone Stand

It is a mobile phone accessory which with the style of Retro TV. It is not just a magnifying glass for cell phone and video of your family; it is also a noetic display for your life.

We present the TV cell phone stand, a highly sophisticated 3D device with upgraded performance that can easily be installed in offices and dwellings. This device is capable of holding both 2D and 3D screens alike, making it ideal to use as a retinal screen magnifier, amply increasing the quality of any display.

A perfect gift for children

Collectors and ‘retro’ fans alike! The hot-selling item of the year is here and now features a black silk-screen simulated TV screen, just like an old-school tube television. Safely adjust any modern cell phone or smartphone to the perfect angle without blocking from your view – allows you to watch videos as if on your own handheld television/videophone.

Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to keep your smartphone or tablet off the nightstand? We have found the solution! Our Sleek and Stylish TV Phone Stand is sturdy and stable for keeping your phone at the right angle for comfortable viewing, can hold devices up to 3.2 inches wide, has two USB ports built into the stand, which can help you charge your phone while keeping it on the stand, can magnify small icons or text making mobile phones easier to see and is a great decorative addition.

Get more out of your cellphone display.

With TV phone stand. This portable gadget is portable and convenient to use on the go. It’s so amazing; it can help you watch videos and movies on a larger screen while offering a clearer image. Enjoy movies on the go, share funny video clips with your friends, study more effectively, or simply be entertained. The TV Expander is lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for watching videos on small screens.

Meet our newest 3D Video Phone Stand, which takes TV watching entertainment to a whole new level. Ideal for any living room or bedroom, this super slim and portable stand doubles as a beautiful decor piece to hold your phone and make it function as a TV. Made of high-quality premium craftsmanship, this unique yet ultra-practical LCD cell phone stand fits for iPhone 6S, 6S Plus; Samsung S6 Edge, S7 S8 A8, 2016 Note 5 4; Google Pixel XL Nexus 6P; HTC M9 M8; Sony Xperia XZ1; Nokia Lumia 1020 920

This DIY 3D lover decorative

The TV phone stand is a fashionable, functional, and cool promotional gift. Just create your own smartphone or tablet stand out of the plastic pieces, then mount it on the TV with a sticky foam pad. The gadget can be used to watch videos, play games, and read e-books in bed. An ideal device for entertainment and protection from the health risks of your children. Excellent gift idea for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Housewarming, and more!

Just place your phone on the stand, then it will let you enjoy the video or movie on the big screen without holding it. It’s a great gift for your friends who have an iPhone and iPad.

unique design

Which can hold your mobile phone at a proper distance from your eyes to avoid visual fatigue and provide you a better experience for watching videos or playing games. The stand is made of high-quality ABS material and steel springs. It is durable to use and lightweight for carrying. Its round head will make your cellphone look like a real TV in your house. In addition, it can also be a great gift for your friends or relatives.

Turns any normal desk table into a phone stand on the TV screen. It can work as a cell phone stand on the wall and make your mobile screen larger. It will bring you to a larger world of enjoyment. So you never miss a moment. Perfect for watching TV or movies on the go, when you are eating, drinking, or just putting on a show for your pet fish. Sometimes I’d love to watch a movie in bed, but it seems awkward to put my phone on my chest. It would be more convenient if I could put it in front of me on the table. But it will be ugly when my phone lies on the table.

Turn your phone into a TV!

This Cellphone stand is made of high-end ABS plastic. High-quality material construction. This stand is not only a cellphone stand but also a TV Stand, hand magnifier screen, hand video expander, enlarger 3D screen Movie for display. This stand can be placed on the desktop; you can use it to watch a movie at home or in the office. Put the phone on a desk when you are watching a movie, game, or surfing the net. The additional phone holder can be used as a mobile phone holder when you’re driving so that your hands can be free from holding your phone all time.

Surprise your family and friends! Give them something unique, a DIY 3D cellphone stand for your cell phone! These awesome TV shape cell phone stands can enhance your cell phone display and provide you with more enjoyable visual effects.

This product will make your phone become a new phone.

But with the TV screen. It is designed to be a screen and Magnifier. It can be used to watch videos or play games, or as an ornament for your desk. This product is suitable for a cellphone larger than 4 inches; you can use it to magnify the phone screen so that you can enjoy the large videos, movies, and games freely.

Watch your favorite TV programs in style with this amazing TV phone stand. This retro-style design resembles a lazy Susan but is actually a highly practical device. Not only does it hold your phone or tablet at the optimum angle for watching videos, but it also magnifies them to ensure you can enjoy every frame. It is easily attached to large notebooks and monitors via its adhesive pads and can be rotated via the center button. Made from high-quality ABS material, it is built to last for years!

I am a tv phone stand, a super cool cell phone holder.

It’s heart-shaped, geometrical, and retro. Especially suitable for movies, games, videos, and mobile phones. Adjustable angle makes you watch videos and play games from different angles as needed; a 360-degree swivel can freely adjust any direction, which is very useful for watching or playing on the phone.

Introducing the latest in high-tech design and innovation, this telephone-shaped phone stand is perfect for smartphones and other mobile devices! Made from durable plastic, it boasts a classic design and will look great in your home, office, or anywhere you need to prop up your mobile device. Its ease of use and style make it a must-have item for anyone who enjoys watching videos on their phone or simply wants an attractive display piece.

This TV Phone Stand brings you back to the mythical era of strength and solidity.

Whether your phone is a new Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9, it will fit well with this stand. This stand is made to look like a vintage-style TV that you would have seen in the 1960s-1970s. It’s made out of ABS plastic that affords it the perfect weight and feels truly fantastic to the touch. This makes it ideal for holding your phone while giving you the freedom to view movies, play games, and browse the internet on your phone as it’s in a comfortable position for looking. It is compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets and also allows you to use video calling apps such as Skype without having to hold your device up to your ear! If you are not using it for watching movies or playing games, then you can simply prop it up on your desk or mantlepiece, making it the ideal gift for any man.

With our 3D interactive Video Phone Stand, enjoy your favorite movie wherever you are. Lay it down to play games or watch YouTube videos, or prop it up with your tablet or phone to catch up on your social media feeds while doing chores around the house. It’s a functional stand that delivers a truly cinematic experience all day long!

A premium DIY Expander

Cell phone stands with a retro TV shape that stretches to hold iPhones, smartphones, and pads. It’s perfect for entertaining the whole family, boosting presentations, or watching sports at crowded bars.

Give your smartphone some retro, trendy style with this all-new TV-shaped phone stand, designed to help you navigate the screen with ease. Enjoy a clearer, larger smartphone screen as you become the star of your favorite film scenes! It makes a great gift for yourself, friends, and family. It is easy to use, and it can display in horizontal and vertical positions.

When you watch TV or a movie, how much do you love the product? When you are playing a game on your phone, how beautiful is it? Now pick up the hot mobile phone stand. Put the mobile phone by connecting it to the TV shape. This watch mobile phone is suitable for most kinds of smartphones; the smartwatch can be placed in any direction to meet different needs. It can be used as a mobile phone holder and DVD box stand.

The TV Phone Stand is one of the most unique and creative items on earth.

It’s a phone stand, first and foremost, but it can also act as a magnifying glass or even a movie screen when you pop your phone into one of the slots. Keep your phone within reach while traveling or watching TV with our TV Phone stand. It’s the perfect solution if you can’t reach the top of the TV or there are no shelves nearby. Simply place your phone on this unique TV stand and adjust the Magnifier on top to enlarge these devices to a more comfortable viewing angle.

A perfectly designed magnifying desktop TV phone stand for viewing and viewing, with a relaxed and happy brain. No more straining your eyes on a tiny mobile phone screen – enjoy a video experience with ease, comfort and convenience now. The Mobile Phone Hanging Stand is a perfect gift for yourself or any other person who wants to enjoy watching TV, movies, or playing games on their mobile device. It renders crystal-clear images.

Let’s have a blast from the past!

These TV remotes are upcycled into modern cell phone stands, making use of your unneeded phone accessories. They are great for holding and displaying your favorite cell phone accessories like a case, screen protector, or special cover. Made to display your phone while charging both horizontally and vertically, they take up minimal space and have a very sleek look. Pass them around as conversation starters, or treat yourself and add these cool stands to your collection of decor!

You’ve been looking for a completely new design and functions Phone Stand!


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