GENPIBEAR Smart Electric Neck Massager Shoulder Body Massager Low Frequency Magnetic Therapy Pulse Pain Relief Tool
Smart Neck Massager Shoulder Body Massager Low Frequency Therapy

Smart Neck Massager Shoulder Body Massager Low Frequency Therapy



Smart Neck Massager


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Hands-free self-care

It provides a comfortable, soothing relief to the muscles in your neck and shoulders without needing to move or apply manual pressure. Our compact and lightweight neck Massager provides acupressure-like relief on skin contact. It has advanced magnetic therapy pulse modes with three intensity levels to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. It is also equipped with various automatic programs: high frequency, low frequency, intermittent, acupoint stimulation, air-cushion massage, and static vibration modes.

Our Smart Electric Neck Massager can alleviate neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle tightness and stiffness, and even body pain. Compact and lightweight, this miracle instrument is what you need after a long day at work. Stimulating the electro-motor nerve reflex points in your neck and shoulders provides superior pain relief that doctors recommend for patients with neck pain, shoulder aches, and other neck/shoulder issues.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to your new best friend.

The Smart Neck Massager is a great way to unwind after a hard day. Designed with a shoulder massager, neck massager, and a full-body massager in one innovative device, it will ease tension at the source. Its eight patented nodes stimulate your desired area using magnetic waves, which generate heat and improve circulation. Not only does this body Massager feel good, but its pain relief capabilities also offer lasting stress relief!

Want to relieve your tired muscle! Want to buy a cool health product! Our smart electric neck massager with a high-quality battery is now on sale.

This is a new electric magnetic pulse.

A massager is designed to reduce muscle pains, relax tense muscles and relieve stiffness. Pretty easy to use; just connect the power supply, then you will feel comfortable. This item can help you relieve foot pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain; It Provides an effective massage for you anywhere. Charge: 3V2 AA battery This shiatsu massage neck shoulder body massager applies to all parts of the body; two faces massage, with low frequency and powerful magnetic therapy, can be carried on travel, relieving muscle stiffness, improving working efficiency.

Relieve your stiff neck, tension, pain, and muscle spasms using this top-quality neck massager. Features shock-proof ABS casing, eight therapy modes of massage, seven intensity levels, three pre-set programs, and a convulsive massage that is clinically proven to relieve muscle pain in the most effective ways. A must-have for anyone who suffers from chronic neck and shoulder pain or even chronic pain due to back stress.

Lightweight and portable

This neck massager is the ideal solution for those with stiffness or tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. Relieving stress and stiffness in these areas can increase flexibility and also reduce soreness after a long day. This Massager brings you an intense and soothing experience and has six modes, so you can adapt it to fit your needs.

The SMART NECK MASSAGER is the perfect solution to stress, stiff necks, and sore shoulders. The design incorporates five massage modes with 2 feet long power cord to give you total relaxation and rejuvenation.

The newest product on the market

Allows you to experience deep relaxation in just seconds, as well as relief from aching neck, shoulder, and lower back muscles. Experience the benefits of magnets, micro-current, and heat therapy in one easy-to-use product.

The ULTIMATE in neck relaxation – is much better than a traditional neck massager or foam roller. If you travel by car often, you understand just how big of a difference a good neck massage can make after a stressful day. But as long as you stop now and then to enjoy the receptionists at your destination, that may not always work out. Again, you could continually spend money on therapeutic massages, but why when there are tools like this one.

Treat yourself

Whether you want the ultimate relaxation or to treat minor muscle pains, Smart Neck Massager is a great choice. Featuring a relaxing heat function and dual massage nodes, this Massager can be used throughout your body to apply soothing low-frequency magnetic pulses to help relieve the pain. Make your working days easy and comfortable with this ergonomically designed device. It even features one-button control!

Smart Neck Massager reduces neck muscle stress, eliminates back pain, and relaxes your shoulders. This is a smart health care product, electric stimulation and magnetic therapy can be 360° rotated to meet your different requirements, as well as electrotherapy massage.

Channel the healing powers of ancient Eastern medicine

With this luxurious neck massager. Made in Japan, this Massager uses low-frequency, high-intensity magnetic pulses to stimulate the acupoints and release lactic acid, reducing muscle pain and soreness. Uses include arthritis, muscle spasms, lower back pain, and more. Use on shoulders and all parts of the body. Just place it over the affected area and massage away to reach maximum relaxation!

When tension builds in your neck muscles, you know it can super-stress you. Don’t let that happen! Our Smart neck and shoulder massager has five modes of use, from pulsing to vibration to heat and acupressure—which is just like having a personal masseuse at your fingertips. Its eight interchangeable massage heads work out knots on shoulders, back, and more! It’s also easy to use. Just slip it over your head, turn it on, and relax.

A therapeutic neck massager relieves tension.

Relaxes your muscles and increases the flow of oxygen to your brain. This is the best, most comfortable way to deal with headaches, especially on planes. Avoid those expensive trips to the spa and health care provider. Don’t put yourself under unnecessary financial strain. Instead, use Electric Neck Massager for quick and effective results and for optimal pain relief.

This Smart neck massager gives you the perfect massage every time! It’s a simple yet brilliant design. Whether you are sipping your morning coffee or taking a nap, just wearing it under your shirt can give you amazing comfort anywhere and anytime. With ten different powerful vibration modes to choose from, this is one of the most powerful neck massagers on the market today.

A complete rechargeable body massage experience

That can fit into any lifestyle, from busy mornings of going to work to relaxing evenings at home. With three work modes and two intensity settings, you’ll be able to select the perfect settings for a daily massage that helps soothe your sore muscles and aches. The ergonomically designed head will also help relieve pain in your shoulders, back, and arms. Our smartphone app allows you to prevent muscle tension and reduce stress with quick, easy-to-use full-body control. Let go of all of your tension with our smart neck massager!

Our Patented design for Smart Massager features a 6K frequency which is proven to ease muscular pain and increase blood circulation, especially on the neck. It uses 3D magnetic therapy for better effect. The Massager features three massage modes: Rolling, Kneading, and tapping; each mode can change the intensity and speed seamlessly.

Have you ever wanted to get a massage in the privacy of your own home?

This Massager is perfect for that. Our device uses acupressure on the neck and shoulder area to relax the muscles. These muscles are connected to other parts of the body, making you feel calm and relaxed. Need to relax your muscle? This is the product you have been looking for!

Smart Neck Massager is a low-frequency magnetic therapy device. Work with the strong magnetic field to promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, treat body pain, and enhance human tissue metabolism. Three modes for your choice, the default mode is vibration massage patterns at a frequency of 33Hz; The second mode is wave massage patterns at a frequency of 90Hz; The third mode is pumping wave massage patterns at a frequency of 120Hz. Three adjustable modes for your choice.

Add all these features together, and you have a Smart Neck Massager.

A luxury way to ease stiff and sore muscles. The secret is the 12 embedded magnets—plus the small but powerful motor—that delivers low-frequency magnetic therapy, something most high-end neck massagers don’t have. Now the power of magnetic therapy is available at an affordable price. Use our Massager to relax your back muscles before or after a strenuous day at work or for soothing relief from pain and stress.

This neck and shoulder massage tool with two modes:a) low frequency pulsing b) continual magnetic field, provides the ultimate in-home massage experience. 1. Design with six powerful neodymium magnets to provide magnetic therapy treatment for relieving pain and relaxing muscles. 2. Lightweight design and comfortable to use, it is soft, practical, easy operation, and easily portable. 3. Slim design makes it convenient for you to put it in your pocket or bag as needed. 4. Perfect gift for you!

Take your relaxation to a new level.

With the intelligent Smart Neck Massager. This ergonomic Massager has been designed to provide unparalleled comfort, high-tech features, and an illustrious look that is sure to impress.

Are you having any pain in the neck? Don’t worry; this Massager can help you to feel better. It is a portable and multifunctional massager that can cool the muscles and skin of your neck, shoulder, arm, and waist. The electric magnetic sticker design is comfortable to wear for users. You can put it anywhere you want, like waist, neck, back, etc. When the cold therapy is on, it can have a strong message function that helps you to ease muscle tension and enjoy the cool feeling of summer.

Go beyond a simple neck massage with the Smart Neck Massager.

This lightweight, portable Massager features six different heads to satisfy any tension you may be feeling in your neck, shoulders, or entire body. The Smart Neck Massager relieves pain and soreness in a deep tissue massage that relaxes tight muscles and provides pain relief for headaches and more.

Are you looking for a neck massager that is effective, comfortable, and doesn’t need to be plugged in or recharged? This electric neck massager is the perfect solution. Its innovative magnetic design offers soothing, gentle heat to relax tense muscles and help relieve pain. The neck massager is lightweight and portable and can be used just about anywhere. Whether you’re on the road, at work, or even at home, this massage will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Designed to help people who suffer from shoulder and neck pain

Lower back pain, cramps, and more! It’s a simple magnetic neck massager that will relax your stiff neck, shoulders, and more. It’s perfect for doing work at the computer if you have issues with sitting in an awkward position for long periods of time. Simply plug in the Massager, place it on your neck, back or shoulders and let it take you away from your worries. The powerful motor and the heat function trigger the body’s natural defense mechanisms to relax muscles, stimulate blood circulation and ease away tension. Instead of buying 2 or 3 devices for different purposes, you get them all in one product.

Upgrade your relaxation and relieve neck and shoulder tension with this home massager. Featuring eight different massage modes, including four auto modes, you can choose the massage that’s most suitable for you—you can even combine the pulse mode, roller kneading mode, and a heating function all at the same time to get the greatest relaxation possible! The compact, ergonomic design fits perfectly on the one hand, so you can enjoy a pain-free message from anywhere.

Bring yourself to a more relaxed state of mind with the Smart Neck Massager.

Its wide/narrow design can pinpoint trigger points, and its ten levels of intensity let you choose the right amount of relief for you. Three massage heads give you multiple ways to relieve tension, and the water-based heating function helps the kneading nodes to penetrate deeper into muscle tissue. It features a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to six hours on a full charge, so you never have to be without your neck massager again. It is portable enough that it can go wherever life takes you, yet strong enough to provide a full-body massage. The Smart Neck Massager makes a great gift for you or someone special—after all, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Get rid of neck and shoulder pain or even arthritic joint pain with our Smart Neck Massager. This portable neck massager is designed for deep tissue massage, and it’s small enough to carry in a bag when you’re on the go. It is particularly effective for those who grind their teeth at night. 


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