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The New Metal Monitor Stand Riser USB3.0 Hub

Support Data Transfer and Charging Steel Desk Organizer for Laptop Computer fits perfectly under the monitor and acts as a riser raising the monitor. It connects to a computer via USB 3.0 ports, providing high-speed data transferring and charging your devices―smartphone, tablet, kindle, etc. Solid steel construction makes it strong and can hold heavy stuff like TV or other devices. Its organization sleeves are designed to hold your phone, power cables, earphones, USB drives, thumb drives, and other small devices. The organizer is ideal for keeping your desk neat while providing easy access to the daily items you need.

Add fun and function to your home or office with this Monitor Stand Riser with USB3.0 Hub. This functional and ergonomic piece of furniture is the perfect solution to keep all of your gadgets at the ready and organized.

This Riser is fashioned from durable iron to give your monitor a comfortable and flexible workstation.

With this stand, your computer or laptop can be put in an elevated position, perfect for most ergonomic settings. Manufactured with high precision CNC machines and hand-finished, this monitor riser is stable, solid, safe, and durable. To solve the problem of connecting the device to a laptop or desktop PC with USB2.0 or 3.0 port together, we designed the USB Hub in it. Charging devices through it is efficient.

The Laptop Stand and USB3.0 Hub for Laptop Desktops is a unique desktop riser that integrates a stylish monitor stand with a concealed Vertical Organizer, including a 3-Port USB3.0 Hub and a 1-Port USB2.0 Hub, and a 2-Port USB charging station on the back of the Monitor Stand.

A USB 3.0 hub conveniently provides additional USB ports.

For keyboards, mice, mobile phones, or to transfer images or data for high-performance devices. The stand also features a built-in four-port USB3.0 hub. Fully adjustable height and tilt angle to meet your specific needs. The desk organizer helps keep you more productive and organized by providing a central location to sort out the clutter of your work environment while the locking HDD rack holds your hard drive securely in place.

Boost your office efficiency with this Monitor Stand / Riser. This transparent Riser sits on top of your desk and elevates monitors higher for better viewing angle and air circulation in a single-station work environment. It is lightweight and extremely stable; it supports up to 27 inches of monitors.

The low-profile Legend Series monitor stands Riser provides a clean, elegant, and space-saving approach.

Keep your notebook, computer, or other electronic devices in plain view. The unique ability to create an instant docking area and data pass-through makes the LG8178 ideal for use with notebook computers but can be effectively utilized with home theater PC and gaming systems. Convenient front mounting ports allow easy connection to speakers, headphones, external hard drives, and other peripherals.

Made from durable metal, our monitor stand with a USB hub provides the perfect solution to clean up your messy cables and keep working in comfort for hours. The stand can be used as a stand-alone or as an addition to monitoring or laptop desk mounts or tables.

Always in Trend and Fashion, this Riser will be your backup for better home and office work! Never worry about covering your laptop’s body with a host of gadgets. This manufacturer is what you need!

The stylish Riser

Designed to enhance the appearance of your laptop, it is made of high-quality brushed aluminum with a powder-coated finish. This new riser stand offers a stylish, sleek, and professional look for your monitor, projector, TV, or device. By lifting the flat panel monitor 4.5″ off the horizontal surface, you allow proper air circulation to flow under your flat panel display and prevent overheating or damage from heat buildup. The raised height is also an ergonomic consideration for easier viewing while working in the office, home, or dorm room.

This stand can help you out withholding your monitors or TV, i.e., 24inch monitor, 28inch monitor, 32inch Monitor, and 42inch Television. The height is adjustable; please kindly check the photos for details.

Outstanding design

And material makes the Monitor Stand Riser with USB3.0 Hub a real deal. Made of steel, it features glossy-black finishing with a clean look. It is slim and portable, making it easy to store in any space, such as a home or office. The Riser can be placed on a workstation table or desktop to provide a comfortable elevation for your monitor and computer keyboard, bearing in mind that the ideal height for a monitor is between 16″ to 20″ from your desktop. The extra storage space underneath the stand allows ample room for other accessories such as mice, books, envelopes, and more, avoiding cluttered desks. More importantly, two USB3.0 data transfer ports are equipped on the USB hub, which enables you to plug in USB3.0 cables and charge two USB-powered devices simultaneously.

The Monitor Stand is made of top-grade brushed aluminum.

Has a stylish and elegant appearance. The height-adjustable stand accommodates 17″ – 27″ LCD monitors; it’s great for office, studio, or home use. The 4-in-1 USB3.0 Hub is integrated with high-speed 10Gbps, backward USB3.0 compatible with all USB2.0/1.1 devices, providing fast data transfer and charging capabilities; It is also featured with 5 USB ports with automatic identification to prevent the computer from turning off system wrongly; Each charging port output is 2.4A / 5V, powerful to charge your phones or tablets quickly under maximum current.

The Monitor Stand Riser offers an elegant, convenient and practical solution for organization and space-saving in the home and office. Its central module features 1 x USB3.0 port and 4 x USB2.0 ports, three slots to place two external hard drives and one thumb drive, and a standard-size drink holder. Great for use with your laptop, netbook, or tablet computer, the IRIS monitor stand will fit comfortably on any desk or tabletop with its spring-loaded clamping system, ensuring a steady hold on the screen’s edge. The IRIS is the perfect addition to your workspace.

Add a touch of elegance to your desktop.

With this three-tier monitor stand, Riser with a USB hub. Featuring a fully adjustable laptop/monitor stand, it boasts three independently adjustable tiers to accommodate various laptops and tablets while keeping them powered. It even provides two conveniently located USB inputs with a generous output of 5V2.1A, whereas they can be used to power or charge USB-compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets. The monitor stand riser ensures a clutter-free desk environment with an integrated cable management system.

Your desk, your way. Our steel riser stand makes your desk both more friendly and useful. This stand easily attaches to any desktop, adding much-needed space while giving you the flexibility to keep all your devices within easy reach. Our USB3.0 hub adds a new layer of organization, allowing you to position up to four devices for convenience and efficiency.

Superior monitor stand Riser

With digital video/audio booster and 30W power supply provides sufficient power to charge several USB-based devices plugged in, making this especially useful for digital cameras that often need recharging. The telescoping arm on this computer stand can extend to 12 inches, and it can hold up to 15 pounds, which is equivalent to two Mac laptops plus a desktop tower and an 18-inch LCD monitor (and four other devices).

The laptop monitor riser is designed to keep your monitor at a comfortable height, relieving back and neck strain. Its generous size fits up to two flat-screen displays of 16″ withstands attached. The USB hub provides an easy way to connect devices such as a digital camera, iPod, memory card reader/writer, digital picture frame, external hard drive, and other USB devices without an external power supply. Don’t forget us! With a table organizer that saves you time searching for different items on the desktop, you can enjoy a new lifestyle. To add more fun, this table organizer has three cable channels on each side to keep your desk look neat.

The Computer Monitor Stand

Uses an anti-skid silicone pad on both sides and has a scratch-resistant powder coating. It’s a very comfortable typing experience while working; it’s ideal for users who can’t sit straight in front of a computer monitor or have no space. The ergonomic design means that users can work comfortably without straining their necks and back.

Our Monitor Stand Riser is designed with a USB3.0 HUB, making data transfer fast and easy. It supports high-speed USB 3.0 up to 5gbps and is downward compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1 / 1.0

The perfect solution for your workplace, the Mind Reader Glass Monitor Stand raises your computer monitor to eye level to prevent neck and eye-straining while improving productivity. Made from lightweight but durable glass with a non-slip grip, this monitor stand riser has a built-in USB 3.0 hub to connect different devices. Improves organization on your desk and at home or in the office.

The modern style and office-friendly design

This Monitor Stand Riser, combined with its sturdy construction, makes it an ideal home or workplace accessory. A wonderful solution to stay organized while making efficient use of your desktop space!

Keep your desk clutter-free and organize your desktop with a sturdy stand. It can support computer monitors, laptops, and printers up to 33lbs without wobbling. You can easily place monitors and laptops side by side on the stand to save space. The storage space underneath the stand offers storage for a keyboard, mouse, books, and other items. The USB 3.0 hub provides extra connectivity options for smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices.

Our Monitor Riser is premium solid steel and features a beautiful matte black finish. This sleek and elegant stand raises your display to a comfortable height and provides additional storage space underneath your keyboard and mouse platform. A convenient USB hub allows you to connect all of your devices to avoid clutter easily.

The stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material

With a beautiful texture and color. It supports a weight of up to 22lbs and adjusts height from 3.2” to 5.5”.It comes with a USB port to make things even more convenient for users .transfer data and charge your phone, iPad, and other devices.

The Monitor Stand helps raise your monitor for maximum comfort and storage. The stand improves airflow and reduces dust buildup to help extend the life of your computer. It also makes cleaning easier. The stand is easy to assemble, allowing you to personalize your workspace with an organized, more productive area.

The stand has three height adjustment settings.

This helps to reduce eye and neck strain and back pain and enhance work comfort by positioning the monitor/laptop at the proper distance and height. The weight capacity of the stand is over 44lbs. You can easily adjust the monitor height between 2-and 6 inches. Keyboard storage underneath keeps the workspace clear. It provides you with a clean desktop and neat tabletop.


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