Slipper Mop 2PCS/1 Pair Dust Mop Slipper House Floor Microfibre Fabric



Slipper Mop


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It is super soft and comfortable!

These house slippers can be worn while you clean, mop, dust, and clean. This is an easy and quick way to clean your home without sacrificing comfort. This mop is slip-proof on tile and hardwood floors, thanks to the silicone rubber. This mop will provide you with more grip than any towel or washcloth you have ever used. You can also clean your floors with it. It is lightweight and easy to use, so you can do your job with less effort. This Slipper Mop makes dust mopping quick and easy.

These Slipper Mops are the perfect addition to any home, whether you’re cleaning the floors, wiping down the tables, or dusting off your shoes with them. These slippers have soft microfiber fabric covers and are sturdy enough to do the job!

Microfiber fabric is durable and soft.

You can clean your home with a lightweight, and your arms won’t get tired. The slipper cover design allows you to reach high places and clean dust easily. It can also be used to wipe down the car, window, fence, and door.

The Slipper Mop offers all the benefits of a mop but keeps your feet dry and clean. The soft microfiber fabric is not only gentle on the floors but also removes dirt and dust. These slippers are compatible with most shoe sizes. The adjustable Velcro strap helps to keep them in place and prevents falls.

The Slipper Mop will bring joy to your homework!

These booties can be worn as slippers or mops. This microfiber fabric is made from 100% polyester and can be easily cleaned by using cold water, machine washable, not bleaching, and ironing. You don’t need to wear shoe covers while doing this kind of housework. These slippers will make it easier to keep your home clean by covering up dirty work in the kitchen. These slippers are affordable and can be used for life.

You have found the right place! This superior mop is made with microfiber fabric. It spreads the mopping water more effectively and locks in the dust. You can achieve a shine effect and difficult mop areas more quickly. This improved mopping tool makes mopping fun, easy, and healthy.

These slippers made of microfiber are meant to be used on the floor.

It’s very soft and loved by young children and healthy women. You can make a pair of gloves by inserting a clothes rod in the middle of the slippers. Super value. Microfibre is super soft and comfortable. It has elastic straps that adjust to your size.

These can be used to clean little feet in hospitals, nursing homes, or on surfaces around the home or office. It is fashionable and comfortable with a removable strap.

Green design

You can use the 360-degree dust mop to clean your entire house without having to bend down. Perfect for tile or wood floors. Suitable for house, office, shop, restaurant, factory, and car. It is ideal for cleaning tile or wood floors.

You don’t want to wear the same shoes every day. We now have 2pcs/1 pair of Dust Mop Slippers for House Floor Microfibre Fabric Polishing Foot Shoes Cover Car Washing Cleaner. !!

Slipper Mop Microfiber Slipper Shoes Limited Stock

Add-to-cart to make your floor sparkling clean, quietly, stylishly, and without any murmurs! This innovative and patent-pending design allows your feet to do all the work. These mop shoes make you feel like a star maid by making you move effortlessly. Cleaning can be so much fun; who knew? These slippers are great for cleaning your car and other small tasks around the house, office, and home. These super-soft microfiber slippers can be sized up or down, but they are extremely durable and have excellent grip on smooth floors. This unique gift is sure to make a lasting impression on everyone who receives it.

The Slipper Mop will give your home a thorough clean! The Slipper Mop easily slips on top of your shoes and allows you to clean more efficiently. This amazing cleaner is made of smooth microfiber fabric, which won’t damage your floors or shoes. This cleaner can even be used to give your home a modern decorative touch!

Do you get tired of mopping with a dry mop?

What can you do to clean stubborn dirt and water stains from your floors? This is a great tool for you! You can clean your floors easily by using the Microfibre Fabric Slipper Mop. The microfiber fabric slipper mop is high-quality, touch impregnated, and strong absorptive. It’s also durable, soft, and long-lasting. Cleaning is made easier by the slipper mop. It can be washed in cold water or at 40 degrees Celsius. It’s very easy to use. It can be used both for wet or dry mopping of floors for cleaning and dusting.

How to do the cleaning? You can just slip!

You’re looking for the most comfortable slipper mop.

But you won’t find the floor mops that will make your life miserable. This product is a great choice. This slipper mop is made with microfiber fabric instead of traditional hardwood. It also has terry cloth padding. It has a microfiber fabric that is water-permeable and super absorbent, terry cloth as padding, and ten times stronger traction than regular cotton fabric. You will love it after you try it.

Do you feel like you are walking on a cloud at a spa? Feel like being wrapped in silk threads a thousand times? These memory foam slippers will pamper your feet and make you feel alluring. You can simply soak the mop head in warm water for 5 minutes, then wring it out, and you are good to go. The microfiber mop heads can absorb seven times their own weight in water. It is a soft, non-toxic material that is also very eco-friendly. It can be used indoors and outdoors, but it is also great for interiors of cars and boats. Laughing…

Dust Mop is large incapacity

It can be used to sweep the floor and collect large amounts of dust and housekeeping gravel in a matter of seconds. It is also anti-static, so it doesn’t attract dust. It is made from hand-made cloth. The surface is treated with fireproofing and thick yarn fibers to ensure that the surface is durable, washable, and strong. It can be separated by washing the dirt in water with detergent.

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These slippers are made from high-quality microfiber fabric.

The slipper mop removes dirt and contaminants.

This floor cleaning slipper is made from microfiber fabric and adheres well to your floors. This soft microfiber material is perfect for cleaning and polishing vinyl, tile, or wood floors. The mop head pivots easily and can maneuver around furniture and obstacles. The mop-slipper is capable of cleaning more than floors. It can be used to dust tables, shelves, and dressers.

Slip into Slipper Mop and slip out of your shoes to escape the daily grind. It is made from microfiber and can be used to clean any type of foot. The short handle makes it easy to reach all corners of your car. This handle is specifically designed to clean cars and drive – no need for rubber boots!

Order our slipper mop now to get yours!

Slipper mop in 2 pieces; Available in a variety of colors to suit your needs; Made from high-quality microfiber with an elastic band. Super soft and comfortable to use. High-quality Microfiber Fabric, The cleaning part of the mop is made from microfiber fabric. It has excellent water absorption, is lightweight, and is soft. Super Absorption: This material will improve dust collection and make it more effective at wiping dirt and dust. Environmental protection: The product’s material is safe for your health, tastes good, and is non-toxic.

A slipper that can be used for cleaning all occasions. It can be used as a mop to clean your feet or as a slipper for household chores.

The Slipper Mop will keep your floors clean and tidy.

It is easy to slip on the cleaner, so it’s quick and easy to clean your house. It is comfortable for both men and women and can be easily slipped on and off. The mop doesn’t require water, vacuum cleaners, or sweeping machines. It can be used dry or wet to give your floors a quick clean or deep clean. In no time, you will have a new floor.

Slipper mops are an excellent way to clean hardwood floors without damaging them. These slipper mops are a great alternative to dust mops and dusters, as well as Swiffer pads. Simply slip them on and grab a few disposable cleaning cloths to get started. For quick cleanups, the included cloths can be used to clean up any spillages. After you’re done vacuuming, simply throw the cloth in the garbage!

Middle-class slim jim design

Two colors can make your life more elegant. This mop will do more than just sweep up dust from the floors. It’s more than that! It is amazing! You can see the difference in just three minutes. We promise it will not disappoint if you’re picky about its quality or super-thin, delicate shape. It is said to be worthy of you and your parents!

These foot pads are made from synthetic microfiber, which is able to withstand a dirty or greasy floor. It is super-absorbent, resistant to temperature and wear and tear. Non-toxic, water-repellent. Tumble dried can be used to save space and make it easy to clean.


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