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And you deserve the best! Our temporary 3D Mobile TV screen magnifier will boost your visual experience. It has a mini video amplifier stand for smartphones or tablets. You can free yourself from having to hold your phone on top of a tablet every time you watch a movie or play games. This phone magnifier is specially designed with a folding desk holder in order to make sure that you can only view it from a comfortable viewing angle. It is portable, lightweight, durable, and can be folded into a small size without taking up space. The ABS plastic used will not rust, stain, deform or break easily to ensure that it lasts for many years of use.

Expand your 3D customers’ enjoyment with a TV handset display stand. Featured with two movable arms to hold the mobile phones, it’s really convenient to watch videos and play games. Made of high-quality metal and acrylic, it is lightweight but sturdy. It is portable and easy to be folded and carry. With this magnifier holder, you are able to watch interesting videos or play fun games without holding the phone in your hand all the time. Moreover, its bright color and delicate design make it elegant in appearance.

You’ve got a big TV in your home, and now you want the same at your office.

However, you don’t want to wear glasses or constantly squint. So we made this phone TV magnifier stand for you! Watch high-definition videos of your favorite shows and movies on a 12-inch screen from anywhere in the room. It’s perfect for multitasking: reading news articles, viewing recipes, or checking your email while you’re cooking dinner.

Get the best view of your phone video easily. You can watch movies, TV shows, games, or even pictures and instantly enlarge the screen for better viewing! The 12-inch mobile phone desk stand can be used for watching videos or video calls. With a 2.4 coefficient glass lens, it can minimize the reflection, so you have a clear view of your video. It is compatible with most smartphones with screen sizes from 3 inches to 8-inch width.

Multifunctional 3D phone holder

That has more to offer than just a mobile magnifier. A sturdy stand for your phone and tablet, with superb functionality and crystal clear images. The anti-scratch locking system enables secure playback on your screen. Whether you’re watching a movie, playing games, or wanting to watch television shows, this accessory is the best choice for you!

Place your phone down on this Phone TV Stand and let it do the work for you! Snap on this stand, and in just seconds, you will have a 3D mobile TV.

With our mobile phone TV stand, you can enjoy the convenience of watching your favorite movies, TV shows, and gaming right in the palm of your hand. This Phone TV stand folds flat when not in use and doubles as a video magnifier to help you read and do crossword puzzles etc.

The phone stand is an advanced TV mobilizer phone.

It is portable, lightweight, and easy to use with an ergonomic design. It is indispensable for your traveling, home decoration, and business meeting on many occasions.

Upgrade your mobile phone into a wireless TV by plugging this stand into your phone’s mini USB port. Now you can watch an entire movie, play a game of pool, or check out Facebook from the comfort of your couch. With this lightweight, portable device, you are always at the ready to watch a favorite show wherever and whenever you want.

With the newest magnetism technology

It can attract any mobile phones, e-tablets, and TV boxes with no influence on their wireless signals. Your smartphone is your all-in-one device…we just made it even better! Stay in touch with friends, play games, watch movies and access a wide range of apps for up to 10 times the pleasure of conventional viewing.

Our 12 Inch 3D Mobile TV Screen Magnifier HD Video Amplifier Stand with Movie Game Magnifying Folding Phone Desk Holder has a unique function that allows the user to watch video on mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets from either the front or back. With 360° adjustable viewing angles, it can be used in both landscape and portrait modes. The stand is designed to hold devices securely without burning into the screen or blocking ports; this also protects your phone while you are using it. It enables users to enjoy watching videos on the large screen of their phones.

Enjoy your phone while it is in the viewing range of this magnifier.

Now use your phone as a 3D TV screen that shows Movies and Games, close up 30X. The video appears to come right off the display. The video has a special appearance when viewed through the magnifying lens, making the image on your phone appear more High Definition, more real, and more like you are actually there.

Increase the value of your phone (Note6, Note5, S7, S7 edge, etc.) to be used as a mobile TV by putting it on this phone stand. With adjustable angle design and lightweight, you can enjoy movies and play games without holding the device. It can also be used as a magnifier for viewing small text.

Stand up to your phone and watch movies.

Videos, games, and TV shows on a larger screen. Our screen magnifier is ideal for watching videos, playing games, displaying photography, browsing the web, and more.

This touch screen magnifier comes with bright LED light, which will make your screen much higher sensitive; you can use your finger or a stylus to move the screen without breaking the outdoor scenery and sunshine pictures. Ensure your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch SLR / camcorder view. It’s good for watching movies, playing games, browsing the web, taking pictures, and video calling. Multifunction:TV STAND | MAGNIFIER | FOLDABLE DESK

Bring your screen to life and expand it with a Phone TV Stand.

An amazing universal phone holder that turns your smartphone into a TV in seconds. This tablet stand-by 3D screen is the perfect accessory for the modern Smartphone user. An excellent gadget for video games, computers, and home entertainment. With its innovative triple-layer design, it can support all smartphones, including iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel, with or without a case or skin on, and tablets as thin as 1 centimeter. The folding design allows you to easily convert your device into a phone holder that can also be used as a portable desk stand to rest your phone on and watch media content, text messages, emails, and news while charging it at the same time.

This is a TV stand that can be used to hold and magnify the phone for watching movies, TV shows, videos, and playing games. Meanwhile, its two adjustable dimming modes are more suitable for night use. It has relatively many applications, such as holding pads, iPhones, and so on. It not only can be used in bed but also on any flat surfaces, such as tables. It has a foldable design, easy to carry. This is very practical!

Are you annoyed by trying to have fun while holding your phone at the same time?

Worry no more. This wonderful stand has three functions: viewing, video magnification, and video recording. You can easily switch between them with the touch of a button. Very easy to install, release and reset. It supports smartphones with a screen size between 4 – and 10 inches.

Allow your phone to take you right into action with this Mobile Phone TV Stand. This unique design fits your phone and securely holds it so you can enjoy watching TV, movies, and games right on your phone. With the flip of a switch, the stand will transform your phone into a large TV display, allowing you to use your phone as a big screen TV when you want to watch movies, play games, or view pictures. The ability to project both images and sound means that you can listen to music, watch movies and even read books in full color. Amazingly versatile and convenient, this Phone/Tablet TV Stand is great for public areas such as waiting rooms or cafes where folks are waiting for something and have time on their hands. For many, having something entertaining on the phone makes everyday life easier and more enjoyable!

This is a perfect choice to enjoy the marvelous outlook on a large screen and high fidelity.

You can watch 3D movies play games, and feel like you are at a real theater. When connecting your phone or pad with an OTG cable, you can get a lovely phone stand which is a universal stand for both IOS and Android smartphones or Pads. As a simple decoration on your table, it would be so fashionable and fashionable. It also can be used as a gift for friends or beloved.

An ideal gift for the people who sit in front of the computer, TV, or reading with a cell phone, iPad, and other mobile devices. This Television Stand can help you enjoy a bigger screen, let you look at details, or read more comfortably. Use this TV Amplifier to stop straining your eyes on reading small text. It is also a good bedside companion if you like to watch TV on your bed.

Watch TV and play games on your mobile phone.

Tablet or iPad like never before! It has many applications: Sit back and watch the big game from the stadium, dance along with music videos, stream live tv from your computer, watch movies on a train or bus, take FaceTime video calls on your iPad from the comfort of your room (if it’s too dark in there), enjoy an up-close & personal view of your new favorite perfume product, so you’re sure about making that purchase & much more.

This Beautiful 12 Inch 3D Mobile TV screen magnifier stand is the coolest thing since sliced bread! Take Netflix, Blockbuster, Pandora, and other HD videos with you for all of your phones and earphones viewing pleasure! This is the ultimate Phone Stand, TV stand, movie Magnifying Folding Phone Desk Holder anytime, anywhere…

36 Inch Stylish Flexible Mobile Phone

Tablet Stand, 3D Mobile Phone TV HD Movie Video Amplifier Stand with ABS Plastic ABS Base, Better and Safer Watching Cell Phone TV Games with Suction Cups and PlayStation Game Controller Plug-in, Movie Game Amplifier Viewing Screen: Universal stands for iPhone 7/7 Plus S6 S7 Edge S5 S4 Note5/4 Note 4 iPad Pro iPad Mini iPod Nexus/Nexus 7 Boxee/Apple TV Galaxy Tab Other Tablet Phone Clamp

The Phone TV Stand is a 12-inch 3D Mobile Phone Screen Video Magnifier that you can use to convert an ordinary mobile phone into a TV, making it extremely suitable for watching movies, playing games, and working as a business telephone.

If you don’t want to huddle around

The tiny screen on your phone, but you do want to watch a movie when you travel; this is the solution. Just put your phone in the handy stand, switch on the HD Video Amplifier, and 3D effects will be projected onto the ceiling or wall in front of you. The convenient folding desk stands also doubles up as a great phone or tablet holder.

Maximize your TV viewing on the go with this fully functional phone-powered HDTV that magnifies your smartphone screen to three times the original size and generates a large picture that is brighter and clearer than the original. Take advantage of powerful 3D phone video game controls while playing Xbox games or watching movies in vivid HD quality on your TV screen. Made with a durable and protective PU leather material, this stand keeps your phone safe while allowing you to enjoy watching TV on the go.

The Amplifier HD video phone

The perfect companion for your smartphone, offering a 12-inch, high-definition touch screen display, and a lifetime warranty. It can be used as a television or tablet, perfect for movies, games, and more. The adjustable hinge allows you to effortlessly open the telephone and fold it back into its standard tablet position, allowing you to view it hands-free for extended periods of time.

Attention wanted! Now you can watch videos, play games, view pictures, or surf the web on a giant 12-inch large screen while lounging in bed. PLus, this ideal gift is also convenient and trendy and comes in handy whether you’re attending a party or just hanging out with your friends.

Our new Folding Phone Stand

It is great for watching videos on smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. This stand can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. It sticks strongly to any smartphone or tablet without leaving behind any sticky residue and can also be reused many times over again, saving you money and being more environmentally friendly. It is fully adjustable, allowing you to position your device for the perfect view angle! Noobs to tech can relax during their video calls with the surprising clarity of this mini tablet PC screen.

The Phone-TV is an accurate-level 3D stereoscopic mobile phone that fits for iPhone 6/6S/6S Plus/7/7Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge S8 Edge, and other smartphones. And it is also portable to carry anywhere you want to go. 


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