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Mop Socks The Slipper genie


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Find the most recent dust cleaning invention.

The New Dust Cleaning Slippers are perfect for cleaning all surfaces in your home, including tiles and countertops. After you are done cleaning, slip into your house shoes. Microfiber slipper socks are washable and made from high-quality material. They have a non-slip surface that prevents you from slipping or trip hazards.

Slipper Genie Mop socks – These slipper socks are simple, elegant, and charming for dusting the house. Material: Polyester Color: blue thread tie is clasp Sole and shoelaces are made from sponge. The bottom sole is soft and wear-resisting, imported from Japan to provide you a good feeling when walking.

Slipper Genie’s newest design makes it easier to clean floors.

This floor cleaner features flexible silicone mopping heads that clean all surfaces of the house, including bathrooms and entryways. These dusters are made from the same soft, breathable fabric that the original slippers. They can also be great for people who have allergies or hypersensitivity to certain fabrics.

The Slipper genie is the perfect partner for mopping, dust cleaning, and bathroom floor scrubbing.

This new generation of “Slipper Genie” is a must-have

The soft fibers can clean all surfaces, from the most difficult scratches to the smallest dust. It can easily pick up dust, dirt, and crumbs. It can be used for car cleaning, adding comfort and convenience to your cleaning experience.

Our Mop Socks/Clothes are a new pair of house slippers socks, bath slippers, kitchen slippers, dust strainer, and cleaning your feet does not require you to get up from the bed and use a scrape mop. Mop socks are made from soft cotton shoes, cotton fabric top bed, and super breathable elastic to allow for free adjustment of your feet. The headrest design allows the user to also wear the shoes. The shoes have a non-slip, low-noise rubber sole and three wear-resistant rubber at the bottom. Mop socks are easy to wear and clean after washing with water or using a vacuum cleaner.

Do not suffer again from filthy floors!

These modern slippers are easy to clean. Available in sizes US 8-12. This is a useful and affordable gift that will make a great addition to any home.

Slipper genie mop socks are a great new cleaning invention. Slip into the socks and clean whatever you need, whether it’s the floor, bathroom, or dust. These slippers can be used for a variety of purposes, including going to the gym or yoga, as well as leisurely walks around the city.

A personal and practical dust mop is essential.

What can you do to improve your home maintenance? You’re right! It will be there! You will feel it! Mop Socks are a unique house cleaning tool. While your feet can be sock-mopped, your socks can also function as slippers and shoes. This provides good protection for your feet during wet processes to prevent germs from getting into your feet. Washable at 40°C above the water temperature. Do not fade.

It is flexible and elastic and can be slipped into.

Mop Socks are a revolutionary product that solves your floor cleaning issues.

Slippers, leather shoes, grazing for your home, bathroom, and bedroom cleaning. This one product can be used in place of a broom. The shoe cover can be lifted to wipe the floor or clean up dust and other debris. The shoes are beautiful and soft. They can also be worn in winter or summer.

Slipper genie can be used to clean the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom floors. For long-lasting use, this microfiber suede is made from high-quality material. It will keep your feet warm and comfortable while you clean the floors. A housewife must have mop slippers. This dust cleaner is both practical and beautiful. It will make your daily life easier.

You can clean a wide variety of floors: hard, soft, and carpeted.

Gorgeous good-looking design. Comfortable to wear, left and right footwork. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, the removable dishes can be washed in the dishwasher. This will ensure that germs are not cross-contaminated. High-quality materials are more resistant to dirt and easier to clean up. The package includes Slipper Genie Dust Cleaner & Microfiber Cloth.

We’re sure you have tried to clean out your dirty slippers but failed. This does not mean that they are easy to clean. Our Slipper genie slippers are made from soft and breathable materials that will keep your feet dry and comfortable. New design: Dust mop slippers can be used to clean ceramic floors, stainless steel, televisions, and cabinets.

These slippers feel so soft and comfy.

You can use them to clean your floors or just lounge around. The unique slippers feature a cloth on one side, which creates suction power. This allows you to pick up dirt and dust easily. Flip them over and dry mop the floor. They are ideal for cleaning hardwood floors, marble tiles, and other dirty floors. These mop pads are easy to use and can be reused over and over again without the need for harmful chemicals.

Mop socks combine the best of both the mop and slipper. These socks are made from high-quality microfiber fabric that can hold any liquid or dust. You can walk on any floor thanks to the non-slip top. It is so comfortable you’ll forget you have them on. These soft mop socks will make you feel free and convenient.

Slipper socks are soft and comfortable.

The thick texture and high elasticity. It is ideal for cleaning and dusting the kitchen, bathroom, and floor sanding. This is a complete cleaning tool. It is made of durable, strong material that can be worn comfortably indoors or outdoors.

The only mop socks that combine animal-like slippers with mops are these mop socks. These mop socks combine convenience and leisure, so you don’t have to use a mop for cleaning.

You can use them as slippers. It has a soft bottom. The bottom is soft and will not cause any pain to your feet.

These Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaning Slippers are perfect for you!

Our Slipper Grazing Design is a new technology that will make your home cleaners feel luxurious. These slippers can be worn inside, protecting them from dirt and damage. Mop socks are safe and easy to clean. The long cotton fibers allow for freedom of movement underfoot so that they can scrub and clean floors without damaging or scratching surfaces. The sponge’s soft microfiber inner layer collects dust, while the smooth outer layer glides easily across any surface. The slipper socks can also be used as a sanitary covering for bathroom floors to eliminate cross-contamination.

People who are busy and need to save time can find cleaning a difficult task. The dust cleaner slippers from Playa socks will be a great help. These slippers can be used to clean dust from floors. They are made with imported materials and have high-quality manufacturing. The heels are made from cleaning mops and microfiber materials inside. This can clean all types of dust on the floor. These shoes are fashionable and very comfortable. It is made of durable, waterproof leather, breathable fabric on its outside, and dirt-proof leather on its inner side. This makes it easy to carry and wear. You will feel warm and cozy in your home when you wear these dust cleaner slippers.

Give the gift of a better life.

We strive to provide the best possible cleaning experience, both safe and healthy. Our first priority is your health. We will ensure that your slippers are suitable for cleaning your office or house. Okay? You’re right!

Dust is no longer an issue. The Slipper Genie mop socks remove 99 percent of dust and dirt without you having to lift one finger. These socks are perfect for hardwood floors as well as other flooring types like tile and laminate. They slip on just like house slippers and make it easy to move from one room to the next. They can be worn all day!

Slipper socks made from microfiber can be turned into a cleaning mop for your home.

The Slipper Genie, one of the most effective tools you have to remove dirt and dust from hardwood floors, is a great option. The Slipper Genie is a better vacuum than a vacuum, as it doesn’t bring back pet hairs or dirt. This vacuum is great for keeping things off your floor and out of your mouth.

Amanda dust mop cleaning can clean your bathroom, bedroom, living, and dining rooms. It is stronger than other similar products. These high-quality housekeeping products are both unique in price and workmanship. This product is unique.

Convenient, soft, and comfortable

There are many cleaning options. It can be used at home, at work, or in public places like airports and shopping malls. This will give you a new experience. You will love this product; it is cheaper than buying extra shoes.


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