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Lunch Box Warmer

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The latest arrival in the electric lunch box for the car in your home stainless

Bento steel food heating set bento box for food heating 12V 24V 110V 220V warmer set that is heated. It is a perfect gift for your wife and an excellent helper for your mom. It’s easy to keep it in your office, car, or beside the bed table to heat your food whenever you’d like. With its stylish design, top-quality craftsmanship, and sturdy construction, You will love it.

This is an excellent gadget that allows food to be defrosted while in the car! 2 in 1 Car Car Electronic Lunchbox Food Heating Stainless Steel Bento Box + Food Warmer Set Container A The durable stainless steel lunch box will keep your food hot for up to 4 hours and cool food up to 12 hours. Temperature control adjustable. B The power adapter as well as the manual heating heater, which will keep food warm while you’re away from your home or at work. C Insulated PEVA liner stops leaks and condensation. D: Leak-proof lid is fitted well with straps that can be adjusted and secure the cover to secure the microwave while traveling. E: Small and slim design allows you to store it easily and reduce space. Protective cover.

The journey to school or work via car can be challenging when you’re eating a bland lunch.

Unless you have the Lunch Box Warmer, which is used to warm the food, it comes with a temperature between 100 and 240 degrees, with an adjustable temperature of 12V/24V/110V/220V. Lunch box warmers will not only keep food warm it is it’s also a must-have kitchen appliance to use in the office and at home.

This compact Stainless Lunch Box is an excellent option for keeping food hot when traveling—made from high-quality stainless steel. The lunchbox features a robust design and has a replaceable fuse. This food container warms up, powered by a 12V or 24V car lighter. It is very useful in the home in the event of a power failure and allows you to take advantage of hot food. The operating temperature ranges from 180 to +240(-80-120).

With an insulated body and a stainless steel lunchbox, it will keep food warm after it has been cooked. The power cord can be adjusted and will fit most standard car outlets. Two in one design can be used in cars or at home. It’s not just an essential for travel, but also a practical item that you could make use of throughout the year.

This Lunch Box Warmer is lightweight and has multiple functions.

A must for any driver. It allows you to keep your hot food in the fridge, prepare or cook it to retain its flavor and natural taste, boost your energy levels or create a meal that tastes like a meal at a restaurant every time. Lunch box made of stainless steel vacuum flask bento lunch box set with a lunch warmer for kids and adults. Great for home or office use. The wide mouth allows you to add food or take it out; just the perfect size for your daily lunch or dinner.

This item is a hot lunch box, a lunch box warmer that has a stunning design. It is built with stainless steel and can keep your food warm for a longer time. This is a great product to keep food warm during lunch breaks at work and on your daily journeys.

It can be used to heat up a hot meal or keep your food item at the perfect temperature, and then take it along with you. Made of premium stainless steel and PP material, it is durable and non-toxic.

It gives you the ideal solution to heat your food container and make hot meals during cold winter days. It’s also an excellent gift for your loved ones and friends.

Combining the best features of a lunchbox and a food warmer

This stainless steel food container is heated to keep it warms up meals at home and keeps them hot and ready for use. The food container that is insulated has a bento-box design with drop-down compartments and sealing lids and a heating pad on the lower part of the container that can reach temperatures of 140°F (60 degrees Celsius). Power cords are covered with durable silicone rubber for extra protection against burns. It is suitable for use in your home or car by selecting between 12V or 24V, based upon the power of your vehicle’s electrical system.

Electronic Lunch Box Warmer. Easily take your food to the table stylishly with this two-in-one cooler and lunchbox! It is designed for home use and out and about; the stainless steel lunch box comes with an insulated lid as well as an adjustable warmer that can be put inside a lunch bag to ensure that food is warmer throughout the entire day. With a car adapter that is 12/24V, it is safe to utilize it in your car and also.

Made from Stainless steel, it is safe and simple to clean.

More than a plastic box. Additionally, it’s an ideal present for a friend who needs to eat out for business. There are two modes of power, 110v, and 220v, ideal for different locations with various voltage requirements. Plug: US/EU/UK plug available. Requires standard US/EURO OEM car power outlet(12V DC).

We have designed our lunch box warmer instead of using inexpensive heater plates; we change to stainless steel for the model. It’s simple to use. You just must connect it to an outlet that is 12V to 220V and place your lunchbox inside the container, and it will start working. It takes around four hours to reach 50-60 degrees centigrade. If you’d like speedier results, you can first boil water and then pour it into the cup in the middle of the lunchbox warmer. It will be ready to heat in about around 40 minutes.

The electronic bento box is constructed of stainless 304 steel(1). It can be used as an electric food container or as a warming device used as a food container. There are five boxes that contain four layers. Each layer is able to hold approximately 1-cup of food. It comes with a lid that opens to a feeder and

Are you fed up with the lunchboxes of yesteryear?

Which makes eating your lunch cold before turning into a big wolf due to the use of the microwaves that you use in the morning? There will be none more of that when you make use of this lunch box warmer that is filled with food! This lunch box with a thermal design is perfect for busy dads, moms’ children, and those traveling from work to home. You can keep your lunch warm without warming. The silicone seals hold the heat longer than another container.

Excellent performance from a top-quality heating unit. Looking for a warmer that will ensure your meals are warm, delicious, and tasty? This lough box is going to be the ideal choice. It is made of borosilicate glass that is heat resistant, microwave – and oven-safe, simple to carry around, and great for home and particularly car use.

The lunch box is constructed of stainless steel. It is sturdy and safe. It is able to effectively block electromagnetic waves. It is suitable for use in everyday life at work and at home.

The lunchbox warmer is a fantastic option for those who want to prepare meals at home, as well as for those who prefer to bring food that they have prepared outdoors with them.

Our lunch box is multi-functional and can be used as a cooler, microwave, freezer, or oven! It’s made of stainless steel food grade, which means there’s no need to buy additional containers or bags made of plastic.

Two in1 Electric Home Car Lunch Box Stainless Steel Food Heating Bento Box

Excellent design, top-quality material, and practical use. Easy to carry along to the office or car travel. Reheat food without the use of a microwave. The heat preservation feature will keep food warm or cold for two hours. The 304 Stainless Steel material makes sure that your food is safe and healthy for your family members at all moments. This lunchbox is easy to clean. Its lid has been designed so as to stop spillage and dust, as well as a handle, is anti-scalding, and buttons can be opened with just one touch (hold on the key until it is open). It also comes with a wonderful benefit in that it is able to be heated or warm when it is connected to a 12V car vehicle power supply or other power sources like 110V or 24V sources.

You can use the lunch box at home and in the car. It has a compact design, So you can easily carry it with you on a trip or picnic. Just plug the lunch box into your home outlet or cigarette lighter in the car and heat it up.Colour:Green-blue Material:Food grade PP + stainless steel Specifications:length x width x depth =20.2×12.3x18cm(7.9×4.8x7inches)/capacity:1.5L/power:110-120V/220-240V / 50-60HZ/Power consumption is about 45Wcapacity:1.5L

Take advantage of a hot and delicious lunch, no regardless of how far from your home.

The 2 in 1 Electric Lunch Box is a multi-purpose product that can be used as an insulation device, heater, keeps fresh, and can be used as a microwave oven.

Keep your food fresh, warm, and delicious with this multi-functional and portable electric lunchbox. It will keep your food at a constant temperature, so you can enjoy them at any time, wherever. Mini-fridges are great to take on trips, in the car office, or in your home.

Food-grade PP material, free of BPA or other hazardous substances, is safe and eco-friendly. The food won’t contain lead when heated inside the container. We look forward to your understanding.


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