Lunch Box Pink 304 Stainless Steel Lunch Bento Box For Outdoor



Lunch Box Pink


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A lunchbox made of 304 stainless steel with two layers of food container .—2 bento boxes in two pieces. One is a lunch box made of stainless steel 304. The other one is a microwave made of a 304 stainless steel heat lunch box. With a lock, it’s easy to clean and carry .—Foldable 360 centimeter strap with the iron rings are on each side. They can be used as carrying handles and the shoulder strap .—Heat blanket and long-lasting.

Lunch box two layers of stainless steel food containers made of 304 adorable pink colors for children, women/office workers/schools.

It’s a food-grade stainless steel lunch box, lunch containers(2 layers) with lids, and a rice bowl. It’s very useful for carrying food, books and other items with you to work or school.

The lunchbox has two layers. The outer layer is made from microwave-safe materials, which make it easy to heat. It is suitable for use all the time. It’s not just great for children to bring meals for school but is also extremely useful for office workers throughout their daily work—a useful gift for everyone.

304 Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes bento boxes two layers, separated by

A lunchbox set made of food containers was designed with the intention of keeping food fresh. Check out the lunchbox pink. It’s fashionable, easy, and convenient and can modernize your entire life. This Lunch Box includes two layers of stainless steel 304 boxes. The first can be used to heat food and keep it moist, like egg pudding.

1)Perfect to use in schools and office settings, as well as restaurants. It is a great option for traveling or camping, among other things. This durable, lightweight lunch box is certain to be leakproof and comes with an interior that will not spill into food.

Its cuteness makes for a charming child’s food container. It’s made from stainless steel 304; its quality is extremely high and tough. It is able to cook food in the microwave without causing any damage. Its elegant design, sophisticated appearance, and a good user feel and it safe and smell. It is also healthy. Ideal for office, home, and travel, this is an ideal choice for you!

Pink stainless steel lunchbox

Material made of 304 stainless steel keeps hot food warm or keeps cold food cool. Food grade stainless steel 304 material that has a mirror-polished surface

HOT PAN Lunch Boxes Are you in search of a brand new food item that is hot? Its Travel Thermos Lunch Box has numerous great features. There are a variety of lunch boxes available. Have you ever thought of purchasing a new lunchbox but were unsure of which to choose? HOT PAN is the perfect lunchbox for you!

Lunchbox made of stainless steel. Bento boxes for school children office worker 2layers microwave heating lunch container with food storage box. Features 1. 304 Stainless Steel, eco-friendly and healthy, simple to clean. 2. Vacuum packaging for food and vacuum insulation. 3. Gorgeous design, stylish and classy appearance, perfect for romantic dates or business trips. Four slots, with a cover that can accommodate four small dishes(no more than 302 ml). 5. High-quality craftsmanship and perfect workmanship can be placed anywhere and is tidy. 6. A hot cup of water placed in bags made of plastic can keep your food moist and warm for seven days. A gorgeous collection of innovative household storage products, making your life more exciting!

Lunch Box pink 384 Stainless Steel Lunch Box Bento Box for School Kids Office 2 Layers Microwave Hot Lunch Food Container Storage Box

Food storage box all in one

It includes hot and cold options to keep your food cold or hot for several hours. Its compact size makes it ideal for lunch boxes at the workplace, school, or even battlefield.

A lunch box made of stainless steel 304 with two layers, this bento is also suitable as a lunchbox and microwave oven. Use only in microwave ovens and not in the oven. Size:16.3

Do you need a Lunch Box to carry your lunch at home? The Large 304 Stainless Steel food container is essential for busy women who wish to shed weight and enjoy eating well (important particulars). Its fashionable, stylish design and two layers allow for the process of gaining your health in an instant while saving time during the day (feature 2.). It’s the perfect present for someone you cherish!

Solid stainless steel lunchbox 304 The double-layer inside lid is secure and helps prevent spills. It is a Stainless Lunch box that can be heated through the microwave and can bring hot food to your table quickly. The lid is tight and secure, keeping the contents inside, while the latch secures to allow you to carry it in only one hand! The stainless-steel Lunch Box is suitable for use in refrigerators.

This unique bento-style lunch box is made from stainless steel 304, which means it can last for a long time. We’ve designed this lunch box with two layers of walls that ensure that hot food stays hot while cold food stays cool. This stainless bento lunchbox has a screen on the top of the box, so you can eat where and when you’d like! It’s perfect for work or even for kids to take to school.

This sturdy container keeps your food warm even when you’re on the move.

If you’re a student or work in a bustling office, this is the perfect size to take your lunch with you wherever. The lunchbox 2L is the perfect size to accommodate multiple meals or transport your lunches to work. This dishwasher-safe stainless steel lunch warmer is equipped with four bento boxes in white and two lids with seals which ensure leak-proof storage as well as simple cleaning. By using this Bento Box, you’ll always have healthy, delicious food ready to go with you on the move.

Don’t settle for an inexpensive aluminum lunchbox; instead, get this stainless steel 304 lunchbox for children. Kids will be delighted to bring this cute lunchbox to school. It’s like a small gift for their children.

Keep your food safe from the outside air and keep food chilled or warm. Lunch boxes are a great product to help you manage your schedule, allowing you to be able to take care of family, work, and your life all at once. Capacity:2L; Size:20.7

This lunchbox is appropriate for any occasion. It comes inside a gift box which makes it an excellent gift for your loved ones. It not only serves the job of a standard container for food; however, it can also enhance the look of your table by acting as decor. Additionally, it can also be used as a gift basket. It’s the perfect gift at any time.

The two lids can be used for both uses.

It’s strong enough to support two layers of food. No sweat, no smell. It is rustproof, and heatproof.It’s ideal for kids in school as well as office employees to help keep their lunchboxes warm and fresh.

Modern 304 steel lunchbox bento bento lunch box 2 layer set. Design and style are popular with young girls. Size: Average 5.5 x5.5 x1.5 cm (2.17″x2.17″x0.59″) Material:STEEL Color:pink,weight:41g (1.42oz)

Product description: 2 Layers Lunch box(304 Stainless) + 1 Small inner box for layering + Microwave safe container. It is heat resistive food container Materials: 304 Stainless Steel Quantity: 1pcs Thickness: 0.33mm Dimensions: 23

The pink lunch box is a microwave-safe 2-Layer storage container constructed from stainless steel 304. It has ample space to store food items and fruits and also carries some tools if needed. It can be used as a food box but also as an all-purpose box.

They are designed for health-conscious and active people.

With 304 stainless steel, a food-grade material that is safe for food, and BPA-free snap locks made of plastic; this bento lunchbox will last for quite a while. It’s made of two layers and clear plastic separators for easy food identification on the outside. And with 2.1L (2.1 quarter-liters) capacity, it’s ideal for students as well as busy office workers to carry around snacks or food anytime, anywhere. The bento container comes with a sealer that is airtight to keep food fresh. It is also sealed inside the lid to avoid any food from leaking.

US Lunch Box Sets for Everyday Use/Office Use or Kids and Travel Lunch Box Set 304 stainless steel Lunch Box that has two layers of the food container, a lock handle with a rubber-coated ring to that is that your food is safe from leaks. Soft EVA inside the lunch box will protect your food items well.

The 304 Stainless Steel Lunch Box Bento Box is lightweight and keeps in storage. The bento box can keep your food warm or cold for a long time and is ideal for taking to work, at home, or at school. It’s ideal for keeping sandwiches, snacks as well as salads, fruits, and various other foods. The lid can also serve as a serving tray, and the pod’s inner container can be used to wash.

Lunch Box Pink is made of 304 stainless steel that has a beautiful painting that is not easily faded. The cute lunchbox is perfect for students, office workers, and others who need to keep food warm or cool at work, at school, at home, or at the office. It is safe to store a milk bottle inside as well. The second layer is also removable, which can give you two different ways of carrying it. The spatula is part of the lunchbox, so you can eat your meal;)

This is a mobile food container set that includes Lunch Box & Spoon.

This container for food is a great way to pack your normal or healthy meals. It is constructed of 304 stainless steel, and the inside is food-grade plastic. It is possible to use two of the containers placed on top of one another, which will keep different food items separated and keep them warm or cold. Your office or kids will appreciate it! Save money when you buy the Set! It can be used in the microwave or dishwasher to clean.

This elegant stainless steel container for food keeps your lunch fresh at the perfect temperature. A microwave-safe, reusable container keeps your food hot while the vents on the sides allow air circulation to keep food cool. The bento container has two plastic layers that are dishwasher-safe, with the ability to divide dry and wet food items.


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