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Led has the greatest benefit of a wireless mouse.

It is equipped with the feature that is a flash RGB and rechargeable mice. Your customers can benefit from the undisputed possibility of changing the brightness and resolution of the backlight. This model is more efficient in user-friendly textures than any model before it. It will be loved the same if are a huge gamer and also for work or web surfing.”

If you’re in search of an exquisite mouse with amazing features, then take a look at this Wireless Mouse Bluetooth. It’s loaded with cutting-edge capabilities that make it perfect for programmers and gamers alike.

Welcome to the future!

With the Wireless Mouse, you can put your hand on the armrest or a cushion, even on your legs! The customizable controls allow you to alter the sensitivity of your wireless Mouse to suit your preferences and comfort. The stunning RGB illumination adds a real class to the wireless Mouse.

Wireless gaming mouse with seven lighting effects and adjustable DPI for a smooth gaming experience.–Great idea for a gift for gamers and computer geeks.

Its Wireless Mouse is designed for gamers. It has an elegant, sleek design and extremely quick tracking, and precise control of the cursor, allowing gamers to play at their highest. The advanced tracking capabilities and sensor technology ensure exact tracking on virtually all surfaces, and its three buttons onboard allow users to instantly gain control of the player’s media, change the sensitivity of the player and use the backlight feature.

Style, comfort, and smart design

This makes the SMARTRACER RGB a fantastic addition to any desk. The smooth, smooth touch surface, along with its advanced optical sensor and practical USB charging cradle, makes it a perfect wireless mouse for your office or home. This SMARTRACER RGB will help you to excel at all times.

Experience the convenience of wireless productivity, and get the comfortable and smooth feel of this top-quality Bluetooth wireless mouse. The Wireless mouse is slim and portable, offering an extended battery life of up six to eight months. It is compatible with PCs, Mac, laptops, smart TVs, and many more.

Its backlit design makes it easy to operate in the darkness.

Re-shape the led backlight into three adjustable RGB intensity levels. A traditional design for the scroll wheel and an ergonomic design will be shaped to fit perfectly in your palm. Its movements are fluid, and they have a wireless range that can reach 10 meters. A great option for video, photo editing, as well as gaming!

The Led Wireless Mouse is ergonomic and premium, comfortable in your hand and features a classic design and elegant lines. The scroll wheel made of metal provides an enjoyable tactile experience and makes it easy to use and scroll through lengthy documents.

A luxurious gift

This Mouse is the solution! It seems simple. However, it is a multi-functional device that can be utilized in many different ways. Imagine being able to browse the web, utilize office software, stream movies and television, and much more.

Micro USB, when charging LED lights up; it is powered by a 6 x AA battery (not supplied).

Wireless Mouse Bluetooth RGB Rechargeable Mouse Wireless Computer Silent Mause LED Backlit Ergonomic Gaming Mouse For Laptop PC. This wireless mouse is a fantastic device for your PC laptop, laptop, or Mac mini device made with 2.4GHz wireless technology. It can be used in any location at work or home without the need for any cables at all. The ultra-lightweight design is right, which makes it user-friendly on the keyboard of a computer and other surfaces, like your couch and even your sleeping bed in the evening.

You’ll love the soft and comfortable feeling and smooth, quick action.

Of our wireless rechargeable Gaming Mouse. A perfect blend of modern technology, ergonomics, comfort, and. Wireless freedom using modern 2.4 GHz technology. The Mouse does not require an external receiver to operate through doors, walls, or even around furniture as it works on the radio frequency (RF) controlled by a tiny, nano-sized receiver that plugs into the computer’s USB port. Low power consumption Lithium-ion batteries recharge quickly. It takes just three hours to get an entire charge.

The Mouse is equipped with the most advanced features and the latest technology, including RGB LED lighting to create the Mice shine. It is rechargeable and extremely thin and comfortable, with smooth curves for maximum ease of use. It also has a power-saving mode that can last up to two months of standby time and four levels of LED backlight adjustments. It is not only suitable for use on laptops but also to use on your Desktop laptop or desktop. With the most recent technology of Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the working distance could be as long as 10 meters. The Mouse is ergonomically designed and compactly, which makes it an ideal travel companion…

Experience the luxury and comfort of this wireless Mouse that is top of the line.

The Mouse’s light will flash when it’s powered on. It also lets you alter the intensity. Twelve buttons provide you with the ability to speedily navigate through your most-loved music, browser pages applications, and much more. The body is ergonomically designed with soft rubber grips that provide extra control, as well as a modern appearance that will suit the style of any player. It’s an ideal gift for any video gamer or programmer that appreciates luxury and is in search of an innovative piece of hardware that is powered by the latest technology.

Mice aren’t limited to computers! Portable Wireless Mouse Portable Wireless Mouse is a wireless mouse that can be used with any electronic device, including TVs, projectors, and even musical equipment. It has high precision, higher polling rates, and lower usage of power, along with Baoji charcoal electric dust produced in China. This sturdy Mouse comes with soft rubber grips to ensure comfort and gaming. It is suitable for both hands and can be used with any style of grip.

Attach the Mouse wirelessly to your device using the USB reader or Bluetooth

Then you can enjoy perfect tracking on any surface. You can also enjoy up to one year of battery life using just 2 AAA 1.5V batteries. Don’t be concerned about replacing a battery, and again, the easy-to-use LED indicator light lets you know when it is at a low level. Three different profiles allow for complete personalization and allow you to program each button with actions that are suited to your needs, and switching between three preset settings in a flash lets you react in real-time. A scroll wheel that is convenient and four indicator lights make for swift, effortless navigation throughout the day.

Quick, accurate, and simple to use, This Bluetooth mouse offers the most innovative option. It can be connected to your PC for seamless, seamless computing. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which provides up to eight hours of continuous usage between recharges. Other features include: Multicolor backlighting, Tri-color backlit RGB allows you to select from hundreds of colors. Multicolor backlighting and temperature control lets you select five different color temperatures for multicolor backlighting. It is compact and light (2 1 oz). It has a good hand-feel due to the textured rubber grips along the side, ergonomically designed shape, and laser printing at the sides of buttons. Multicolor backlighting

Bright Idea!

The handheld wireless mouse allows you to go from one room and laptop to laptop in one click! It’s great when you want to do multiple tasks, such as wireless browsing or emailing.

Sensor: 3D Sensor, Working frequency: 2.4GHz (adjust freely), Resolution:4-12000dpi,Buttons: 6 buttons + Scroll wheel + DPI switch, Battery Capacity/working time: 50 mAh / 8hours, Charging Time: 1.5 hours

It’s a top-of-the-line wireless mouse. You’ll be amazed by the stunning design and the sensational feeling! The ergonomic wireless mouse will give you a comfortable experience and a good mood in your everyday life.

A wireless portable Mouse is ideal for students, homemakers, and players who require a reliable and comfortable wireless mouse.

The Led Wireless Mouse is your ideal option. In comparison to traditional mice, this one will meet your needs better.

Wireless Mouse, quiet Mouse. The Wired Mouse has a Sensitive and smooth click; Ergonomic Design Click to Click Freely. Do not touch your hands!

*OPTICAL/LASER MOUSE: Optical laser allows the Mouse to work on a variety of mirrors and glass surfaces.

Ergonomic Design:

Bluetooth 3.0 is ad-hoc for any kind of device; easy to connect and match your laptop, smartphone, or phone.


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