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LED Crystal Magic Ball Light

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The mini LED crystal ball lamp.

Made from high-quality materials which makes it strong and long-lasting for use. It is suitable as a stage lamp disco light or mood light to be used for both outdoor and indoor celebrations. The lamp adopts a unique design to give a unique visual feeling. The light bulb comes by an E27 socket, and comes with a the high-power LED of 6W and driver, both powered by an AC/DC adapter meaning that you can connect it to your battery using the cable included. Your incredible products deserve a stunning presentation!

It is a Magic Crystal Disembowel features a rotating ball that has the glow effect. it gives you a different sensations of visual magic. It is suitable for Disco Dance Club, DJ disc events, and more. With the 6W E27 base unit, the device is able to illuminate 3600LM. We can also customize the power to suit the requirements of the user. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration!

Material: Crystal Magic Ball Color: RGB Light Colorful: Automatically rotate lighting effect to full-color perfect for discos and other special lighting for parties.

Bring the excitement and fun of light shows into your home by using The Crystal Magic Ball Stage Light Rotating Lamp. The crystal ball that rotates creates an enchanting 6-color ambient lighting effect that is visible far away.

RGB multi-color changing technology to provide the best possible experience at events

The entire lamp head can be rotated 360 ° and change direction from left to right depending on what you want. This can be controlled via remote. Crystal balls produce vibrant, bright sparkle that is ideal for effects on the dance floor for wedding or birthday celebration or disco club or staging a stage performance.

The Magic Ball light it’s the complete crystal glass light. It’s powered by a 6W bulb and has a rotatable that can be turned between up and down to allow three brightness control. The multi-rotation color changes lighting effects, and can be adjusted in the brightness and color, and it will flash when there is music playing.

Compact, convenient and elegant convenient and portable. Three colors mix and change while being elegant and trendy. The use of this crystal ball will be fascinating It is not only a great item to be used as a decoration, but can also be used to light up a room at night. The magic ball’s light helps you feel happy throughout the day and provides the most unique visual experience. It’s the time to be happy!

The stage you choose to use will become the most effective way to decorate.

Crystal Magic Ball Lighting light effect comprises a spinning light source, a crystal and an LED that work in tandem. Crystal balls are constructed of optical glass. The light from the crystal continues moving within it after a second of turning on the power. It is designed based in the E27 standard (Australian standard). It is commonly utilized for parties, homes bars, discos, concert halls, etc.

LED Crystal Magic Ball Lamp is constructed of crystal with high-quality which is transparent and beautiful. The lamp is able to rotate 360 degrees, with no dead angleand comes with 8 different colors to choose from. On the bottom of the lamp you will find six modes (color, electronic dimmer, strobe, flash, ODM and stop). ).

Led Crystal Magic Ball is an original source of light. They are made of crystals of different sizesand have six powerful LED lights inside. The magic ball is able to be turned at the position you prefer. It’s the classic stage lighting for the dance floor and it appears gorgeous, stylish and stunning when used.

LED Crystal Magic Ball Light Stage Lamp Rotary fixture Pink-green-blue 3-in one sensor/touch control Energy saving high brightness, and fashionable magical ball RGB light effect that changes color.

Make your heart shine with shining.

If it’s lighter than the LED ball it will bring you more excitement. This high-quality lamp will allow you turn on any event. It’s great at Disco, Latin dance, romantic dinners, and so on.

Get the party started and it will put on a lights show while you dance and make it fun.3in1 functions: RGB RGBW led color changing lights as well as strobe light. It can also be used as lighting for stage or as a lamp.

This light bulb with a static design utilizes cutting-edge technology to light that anyone can test at house! It will provide you with an entirely new atmosphere. The crystal is all hand spun, and is made from transparent acrylic that showcases the beautiful and stunning reflections of the internal crystal. The light can be rotating as you change to the hue, it’ll give you a fantastical dreamlike ambience.

Led Crystal Magic Ball Light is eco-friendly and energy-efficient it reduces power consumption to just 6w and is integrated into the switch’s rotary. Rotating crystal magical ball light RGB LED Stage Mini Light Bulb Lamp The color can be adjusted with an remote control(no IR) Very simple to operate.

Crystal Rotating Magic Ball effect

A LED Stage light bulb with rock crystals inside creates a stunning stage effect that makes the perfect present to any music or DJ enthusiast. Select from seven amazing colors and three different lighting modes. Fully capable of remote control to choose the color and speed. The power of RGB shifting: RGB Red/Green/Blue Changing will ensure that your light doesn’t just alter colors but also produce an amazing display of light.

Presenting LED Crystal LED Magic Ball Bulb with Rotating Motion Light Bulbs that you can place inside crystal light bulbs. The bulbs come in a variety of colors that change continuously and can be more creative when used to accent the stage. Lead wires are power and its length is 3.3ft Please extend it according to your needs.

Made from high-end crystal, it creates 360 degrees of sparkling light. 6 pcs RGBW led Bulbs inside. They operate on 24V AC voltage that is powered directly by the bulbs sockets. The Crystal Ball Stage lighting fixtures can bring more excitement to your holiday celebration or disco with a variety of lights and strobe effects!

Crystal magic ball light when it spins its LED light will diffuse the light. the faster it turns, the brighter as well as clearer its light. it’s easy to use. Connect the cable to power supply and then switch the light on. It’s a fascinating little item.

Colorful stage light effect lamp

You can change colors of light spinning the ball. The stunning and multi-colored light will give you the most amazing experience. A tiny piece of magic. Magic Ball Magic Ball can transform itself and alter the color of light while at the same time. It’s a ball with crystals with a design on it. It is able to rotate in a slow manner and glow in various colors that you can change it to. It can be placed at the corners of the home and let your guests be amazed by its beauty. Its Magic Ball has a size like an egg, and the hole measures 5 millimeters wide. The small size makes it comfortable to use on a trip or use as a decoration at home or in a bar.

Product Features

  • 1. With the highest quality diodes available, Coating with the highest quality diodes, Coating and Material Control the with a brand new seal vacuum tube which means that the light will be better and more attractive.
  • 2. This beautiful and tiny magical ball is a six-watt Stage lightbulb LED that uses an LED lamp that rotates to create a more efficient emission result.
  • 3. The design of this crystal led magical ball lights designed to be waterproof makes it ideal for use as a decorative light or party lighting for bars, restaurants hotel, discos or any other lights that operate in dry environments.
  • 4. You can select the different colors of this ball’s lighting using the remote controls which allows you to change shades to meet your requirements.


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