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Kawaii Lunch Box


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The Kawaii Lunch Box is a classic lunch box design with a beautiful and adorable flower shape. It’s pretty and more durable. Enjoy your picnic time; it also can protect your desktop from scratches and damage. Description: Unique portable design, easy-to-carry picnic bag made of high-quality fabric material, good durability, very safe for your family, variety of colors to your choice.

Double Lunch Boxes, in a dual compartment style, feature an upper container that can be used for dry food items and a lower bowl that has an Ice pack to ensure the freshness of food. The lid lock system that locks quickly creates an airtight, leak-proof seal between the two containers. Safe for microwaves (with lids taken off) or dishwasher-safe (top racks only).

Food-grade plastic

High-temperature resistance, without BPA, non-toxic and tasteless safe and healthy, eco-friendly and hygienic. 2. They can be used as single-use containers to store meals prep necessities such as chicken and pasta salad (not suitable for hot meals). 3. The body of the box can be put in the oven of your microwave to cook food without taking off the film. 4. Enjoy your life by saving time

This adorable lunch box is made from food-grade PS materials and also PP. It is durable, safe, and odorless. It is also eco-friendly. The unique benefit of this lunchbox is that it features separate compartments for the storage of food. It will help you cook an appropriate diet. It is the perfect option for schoolchildren or office workers, students, and clients who love to go out.

The product is exquisitely constructed, user-friendly, elegant, and stylish. It’s suitable for a variety of occasions like school linstocks, work linstocks, and other events. The product is made from premium eco-friendly PP, which is safe and safe for the environment. There are two layers and five motions. The lid is closed, and the food can be sealed with a strong air seal to prevent mixing issues with odor.

100 100% Brand new and high quality

Clean and easy to wash, No smell, durable. Safe for food and well-insulated keeps warm and cool. It is light and easy to carry. A variety of sides can be placed in various rooms. There is a main compartment and three storage boxes in it.

Ideal for: Perfect lunchbox for children for men and women who have to take lunch to work or school.

Double student bento with microwaves and food storage boxes box with an individual box with cutlery for camping storage box

Kawaii Lunch Box double Bento Box for Students Food Container

With an Independent Box Cutlery for Camping and the home. Ideal for take-out meals and lunch boxes for everyday use-Lid includes two sets of 2 spoons and two forks.-Stands up with ease on flat surfaces to conserve space on the counter. It is easy to pack and easy to carry each box on its own and can be put in the refrigerator in separate containers.

KAWAII lunch boxes inspired by art, practical and adorable. Kids will be thrilled! Kawaii Bento Boxes provide an innovative, safe, and unique design that your kids can use at school or at home. Each bento box is designed by a Japanese artist. Our boxes! Give your kids a taste of home food, and the food remains fresh and neat! The sections that are divided within each container allow you to separate different kinds of food and ensure they are kept at the proper temperature that is, hot in the top section and cold in the lower part. The multilayer insulation stops food from shifting when you shift across the compartments from one to another. Its three-layer design keeps hot food items at a safe temperature longer than a single-layer lunchbox. Strong construction: Made of premium material that’s BPA free, safe, and non-toxic. It is also microwave-able (except when used with metallic accessories). Also, our adorable bento boxes are simple to clean. Dishwasher safe Our bento box (including lids) can be interchanged.

The safety of the food your children eat at school

They can be used as lunch boxes, but they also serve as a lunch box for picnics, in school, or even at home. There are four kinds of bags you can choose from Kawaii, kitty, bear, and robin. The smell of plastic bags is eliminated when they are placed in hot water for three minutes. If you have any doubts or concerns about our product, then you can reach us through Alibaba’s message system or through our contact us via our customer support email! We value the shopping experience you have!

The item is made with the finest craftsmanship. These adorable bento lunch boxes featuring beautiful whales on top are constructed of plastic, and they are two separate boxes inside which can keep cold and hot food separated. The bento lunchbox has an upper tray with four compartments that includes a fork, spoon as well as chopsticks, and a drinking lid. It’s a great option to use with your family!

It is a double bento container with a separate partition on the top part and an opening partition that can be removed inside the middle—made from non-toxic materials and safe for use. This box is not just intended for bento, but it is also ideal for the storage of other foods. It can also be used in the microwave oven or in the refrigerator. They are great to keep lids sealed tightly to stop splashes and spills when transporting food items.

This stylish food storage container is constructed with a double-layer structure.

That is handy for carrying and which is convenient for carrying and. It also has separate containers inside for storing items, meaning it’s not just a sandwich box but also it can be used as kitchenware. In addition, the size is uniform, meaning it can also be utilized as a carry-on bag for air travel.

Its cute design makes this lunchbox perfect for children. Two separate boxes will keep food fresh and warm. It’s easy to clean and is easy to carry around with the handle that is attached and strap that can be detachable. Additionally, it’s the perfect size to fit in most lunch bags!

Create your next lunchbox for children easily by using these adorable bento lunch boxes. It’s now easy to pack quick and healthy, tasty meals that kids will enjoy. Our latest assortment of vibrant and playful designs comes in three various sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can choose the ideal lunchbox for your children.

The Bento Box Set is an adorable design that children will enjoy! The set comes with two distinct compartments that can hold food items, snacks, food, utensils as well as a water bottle! The removable dividers offer the ability to customize the compartments according to the items you’d like to carry and can be removed if you need a large compartment. Ideal for school lunches and for those who prefer making their own healthy meals at home.

Each box contains lots of food items.

It can be used to serve as a lunchbox at school or at work. Additionally, the lunch box can use as a storage box for your office, bedroom, or kitchen, among other locations. Be aware that the lunch box is only kept in the refrigerator. It is not able to be kept in the microwave! Like the cat staring at fish or the dog staring at the sausage. The box is made of top-quality materials.

Kawaii 3-layer lunch box bento for double students Lunch Box Cute design will make your kids enjoy every second of the trip. With delicious and cute snacks and meals, Your kids will be delighted while they travel.

Kawaii Lunch Box, Kawaii Bento Box for Adults. This lunchbox is specifically designed for adults. It comes with two boxes that are separate and made from food-safe plastic.

If your child is a huge Kawaii lover, these cute lunch boxes will make you smile during your lunchtime. This set of bento boxes comes with two food storage containers of two sizes. They are ideal for separating food items or storage of drinks in the larger one, while the smaller one stores cutting boards, which means they won’t be mixed in. The food storage containers are made from BPA-free polypropylene and are microwave safe. The design of the lunch box is water-resistant, which means it will last even after washing it in the dishwasher just recently, and isn’t that an awesome thing?

Make sure you are eating healthy throughout the day.

Regardless of whether you’re working or playing. The double-sided box is available in brown and pink, with a gorgeous print, and comes with two separate compartments for lunches and snacks. Each compartment has an individual divider that can keep food items, utensils, and other items safe to eat on the go and place to store takeaway containers.

Finally, you can have an extra bento lunchbox that can accommodate all of your snacks! This bento lunchbox is the perfect shape and size to hold the two bento containers or two bento boxes in one. It’s not just cute but also functional. It is built from sturdy and strong plastic, with an extremely secure latching mechanism. This bento box that doesn’t leak is guaranteed to be leak-proof. Its functionality extends far beyond the box to its compartments that are separate, with each having an inner lid that is convenient for stacking. The lids on the outer sides help keep things neat and tidy.

Our bento lunchbox kit is constructed from the finest plastic materials available. The bento containers and food storage containers are microwaveable and can be reused for camping, school picnics, beach trips, or daily use. The lunchbox set comes with three boxes that stack that have lids. They also include 12 stainless steel dishes and four plates divided. The food containers are leak-proof and BPA-free. This allows you to put them in a bag with your most-loved food items.

With our bento lunchbox, it is easy to cook and prepare Bentos at your own home.

The container is constructed of BPA-free PP, which is reliable and safe. It is vital to ensure that the products used to store food be completely safe. We have six sets of food-grade divided plates/bowls from PP as well as stainless steel spoons and forks to meet your needs for cooking and are easy to wash.

Korean cute and big-shape lunchbox Kawaii Boxes directly from Korea come in five colors and three designs (with the love of a beautiful rose and a peaceful sky). There’s never a shortage of ideas for the lunchbox!



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