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Intelligent Neck Massage


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Intelligent neck & shoulder massager

Whether it is for relaxing or relieving pain, Heat therapy offers fast and effective pain relief. Neck heating massager- With its unique design, our Neck Massager covers the neck, shoulders, and back pain. Heating the muscles in the neck works to release muscle tension accumulated during the day. What’s so good about this neck massager? It relaxes your neck and shoulders with a gentle vibration action. The vibrating massage gently stimulates blood circulation to your joints for muscle relaxation!

How about a massage for your neck? This smart neck massage machine provides a powerful, penetrating deep tissue heating massage to relieve your cervical vertebra muscle pains. It is an effective tool to relax every tension in your neck and shoulders to ensure you enjoy natural rest and sweet dreams.

Your pain will be much relieved.

Suppose you use our intelligent neck massager. When it’s working, this product can carry a load of about 30kg, and the heat function will be damaged when the load surpasses 50kg. You’d better not use it on your face to have a try. If you have back problems, shoulder stiffness, or terrible range of motion disorder issues that make you unable to do things as simple as you should be able to do them, then consider getting one of these today – but only if you’ve got the money.

The intelligent neck and shoulder massager targets tension, alleviates stress, and relaxes muscles. You can feel relief after only a few minutes of use. Relax your body and mind in the heat mode.

Designed to provide comprehensive comfort

Easing musculoskeletal pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and back through a range of massaging kneads, heat therapy, and rolling motions. The use of this massage tool will help improve blood circulation and relieve stress. More importantly, it can loosen up neck muscles when you’re bent over working all day. This really is an intelligent neck massager.

The Intelligent Neck Massage tool is designed to help you relax, relieve, and soothe aching muscles. With its lightweight and ergonomic design, it is simple to apply and can be used under clothing in almost any place. The heating function and built-in temperature control of this massage tool provide warmth that helps to remove blockages in the flow of blood and assists in the relief of joint stiffness.

Good electric neck and shoulder massager

It is helpful for relieving neck and shoulder stiffness, muscle pain, stiffness due to overwork, or long-term computer use. The pressure relieved by the neck massage roller can promote the metabolism and blood circulation of your skin to prevent stagnation of blood and make you feel comfortable.

Perfect gift for your relative, your sweetheart, or yourself. Our product can reduce and relieve neck and shoulder pain and lower back pain and make you feel relaxed after having a massage. Also, this product is a good choice for physiotherapy, massage therapist, health care, and acupressure practitioner.

Dozens of massage nodes to bring you the more thorough neck, shoulder, and back massages. Put on the “POWER” button zone anytime in any zone, and massage will be started when it comes close to your body. Eight power levels allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage according to your need.


Intelligent neck massager help release neck, shoulder fatigue, and stress through spinal protection. Avoid cervical vertebra deformation, sub-health state, can be fast and effectively active cervical spine health muscle cell eliminate fatigue to prevent a variety of cervical disease. Effectively promote blood circulation, open the door to healthy cervical, and soothe your nerves.

Easy to use and lightweight, the intelligent neck massager is portable, simple, and convenient. This electric massager will relieve pressure around your neck and upper back by releasing tension and pain, so you feel re-energized after a busy day.

intelligent neck massager can be used on

The neck, waist, back, abdomen, calf, and other parts of the body. The biggest advantage of this product is that it has a heating function and can automatically adjust to the best position without manual operation.

The neck massager adopts electric technology and can simulate the real human manipulation and massage, suitable for the cervical spine, shoulder back, and other parts of the body. It has 16 modes and three adjustable strength levels to massage comfortably, relieve muscle pain and promote blood circulation. The soothing heat function is especially beneficial for relieving pain by warming the muscles around your neck and shoulders.

Innovatively designed with a cambered surface.

Which could be close to the neck vertebra closely. It adopts intelligent air pressure technique and acupressure, kneading, and shiatsu massage modes to release neck pain effectively by pressing acupuncture points on the neck and shoulder. The product combines traditional physiotherapy knowledge with modern technology.

Electric neck massager adopts high-quality nylon and leather material, skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable. Fifteen groups of massage modes help to relieve your fatigue and stress. Features with 15 minutes timing shut down function; free to set the time as your need. Double intelligent temperature control can reset at any time according to personal preferences.

Focus on sleep improvement, pain relief, and relaxation

It also uses heat function to sooth sore muscles and promotes blood flow in order to provide pain relief and muscle relaxation. You can customize the speed and intensity of massage or just lie back as the intelligent sensor detects knots and areas of tension to concentrate your massage where you need it the most.

Our Intelligent Neck Massager is a one-of-a-kind home massage device to help you relax, relieve muscle tension, and ease nerve pressure. With several intensity levels to choose from, our automatic neck massaging machine easily and comfortably wraps around your neck with soft memory foam pads to perfectly fit your specific needs.

Relieve Tension and Stress

Eight massage rollers roll up and down, use the latest heating infrared technology, promote blood circulation and relax from tension, stress, and fatigue. It is suitable for office staff and other long-time sit people. It can relax muscles, relieve muscle tension and fatigue, promote blood circulation in the head and neck, eliminate cold wind or cervical pain caused by cervical spondylosis, prevent computer radiation and improve sleep quality.

Intelligent Neck Massage Cervical Vertebra Massager Shoulder Physiotherapy Heating Massager Pain Relief Tool Smart neck massager can be used to massage all the acupoints of the neck and shoulder and activate blood for health care. Using it for about 15-20 minutes every day can effectively relieve your shoulder, cervical vertebra, and muscle pain.

This is a smart home healthcare massager.

High-tech heating physiotherapy, cervical vertebra vibration massage which is scientifically designed to protect the injured cervical spine and prevent cervical spondylosis. It can effectively relieve fatigue and soreness caused by prolonged work pressure and improve blood circulation in the head and neck.

Our Intelligent Neck Massage is unique, its inner structure is barrel-shaped, and it imitates the hand massage of the masseur. This product uses an infrared heating function, which is comfortable and unobtrusive, will not affect sleep, and is safe to use. A hot compress at 50 °C temperature can effectively relieve the tension and fatigue of cervical vertebrae after short-term use. It can also improve local blood circulation and promote metabolism, reduce cervical pressure and improve cervical discomfort symptoms. There are three levels of force adjustable, allowing you to choose your favorite comfort level freely.”

Say goodbye to neck and shoulder pain!

With this smart neck massager, you can enjoy a deep massage anytime, anywhere. The intelligent chip autonomously finds the neck acupuncture points and treats them with gentle heating and tapping. Use for just 10 minutes daily for effective relief of stiffness, spasms, and pain in the neck area.

Intelligent Neck Massage is a new generation of intelligent neck massage products with AI technology, which can effectively relieve neck soreness and relax the cervical muscles. It combines with Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine theory to continuously improve the healthiness and release pain from the neck vertebra through the principles of acupoint massage, airbag compression, and heat function. With its simple operation and scientific design, this product brings you comfort moments in the office or at home.

The neckline of this massager is ergonomically designed for the neck curve.

Fully fit your cervical spine, just like doing a professional massage for you. It has Acupuncture, kneading, and hot compress functions.

Achieving a good mood is the core of Chinese Medicine Health Care. So take care of yourself – whether it’s having a break from work or in a moment of relaxation. You should constantly try to enrich the understanding of your body condition and your degree of health. So try our neck massage, which helps to relieve stress, and build confidence


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