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Be safe from harmful UV Rays.

.These glasses block ultraviolet light by up to 100% and make excellent for fishing, snow sports, and gardening. The lenses are made from an oleophobic coating. Fingerprints and oil stains are easily removed. They are suitable for driving, Bicycling, Fishing, or golfing activities outdoors…

Made from PC made of PC, the shield is an anti-fog eyeglass that comes in trendy shades and comes with an eye shield that protects the eyes against harmful ultraviolet radiation. It also blocks light from the side and can help restore your vision.

It’s an excellent item for fishing as well as other outdoor recreation purposes. It’s designed to be non-fog and antisplash. It protects the wearer from the UV rays of the Sun and keeps their eyes clear of the surroundings.

Our top-quality

Anodized steel and sandblast gold-plated glasses make a great accessory for your selection. Particularly designed for sports airsoft, military, and other gamers glasses, these are your ideal choice to last long on the battlefield. These glasses are completely compatible with dust masks. They’re also ideal for players in paintball and other extreme conditions.

Double-layer lenses Visible, IR Cut-off (Full or Clear Dark or Light) lets you observe what’s happening in any setting! Great for driving/riding at night!

It’s impossible to be completely safe in the modern world, especially when you’re making use of an electric device. To ensure that you don’t get radiation sickness or suffer any other negative consequences that could affect your health when using electric devices, we suggest you wear glasses that are transparent, like eyeshadow glasses, as well as plastic eyeglasses.

These glasses are essential for those who are devoted to being fashionable or who play sports.

Or just wish to appear good! They can be used to go diving, cycling, fishing, reading, or reading. Another reason to not think about doing yeses: these sunglasses have great tolerability. The Full Face sunglasses with anti-splashing and anti-fogging crystals look cool and shield your eyes from the effects of fine smoke, fog, dust, and strong sunlight UV rays and blue light. It’s suitable for outdoor sports like cycling / skating / skating / long-distance running / climbing / fishing / swimming etc. When outdoors, you can enjoy driving a bicycle or riding a motorcycle also.

Faceshield is constructed of premium ABS material. The outer layer is a PR Lens; it’s extremely efficient in blocking UV radiation and also protecting the eyes. Acetate Frame Material: PP Function: Anti-fog, Anti-scratch, Anti-UV, Splashproof; Design: Fashion

If you’re looking for a high-quality and safe product

Please feel free to select your own. If you are traveling or going to beaches, Faceshield sunglasses for face protection can shield your eyes from flying sand and splashes of water. When you’re windsurfing or white water rafting, lava diving, skiing, parachuting, or just working outside in the backyard, your entire face will be shielded from damaging glare. Apart from its wonderful applications outdoors, the glasses are also suitable for use indoors, like in Gold’s Gym, gymnasiums, and tiles floors. The glasses have been tested over the years by a variety of different types of design trends and will always exceed the expectations of our clients!

The glasses are light and sturdy – ideal for exploring the outdoors or for your daily routine. If you’re riding in the great outdoors or sitting at home relaxing, Enjoy the comfort of the Faceshield glasses on hot days!

Our Faceshield Glasses help you avoid suffering from eye strain, particularly when you use the computer or read a novel that has tiny characters. In particular, it blocks electromagnetic waves that are generated by mobile and computers to reduce fatigue in the eyes. They also protect your eyes from wind and glare; offers a full, even face covering the mouth and eyes nose piece that is adjustable in rubber. Fits the majority of people. Adjustable headband

Be prepared for all kinds of weather, and be sure to keep your eyes safe with certainty.

These anti-fog, antisplash glasses with UV400 lenses stop UV light and shield your eyes from the harsh sunlight. They are great for fishing and riding, and sailing, as well as skiing and skating, driving, running, shooting, and many other outdoor sports.

Premium high-transparent lenses feature UV protection, a scratch-resistant lens, and fog-free glass coated with an anti-scratch. Cover design with full cover, the additional bridge on the nose ensures the complete protection of your face.

Made from high-end plastic, this sunglass is durable and wear-resistant to use. The frames in silver are specifically designed to feature shatterproof glasses, anti-fog treatments, and UV400 protection. With a slim profile frame, these glasses are comfortable under helmets and other protective equipment.

If you’re among the new players in paintball, this is the best solution for your needs! Brand new and top quality. The best part is that it’s easy to carry around. Keep your eyes safe. It will also shield your eyes from smoke, dust, and other soiled things. It is highly recommended to ensure your safety.

You are guarding your skin against the harmful UV rays of the Sun.

These sunglasses combine outstanding clarity and great protection from harmful sun ultraviolet and infrared radiations, and your eyes will remain relaxed in any circumstance. The sunglasses come with a soft bag that can be used as a makeup bag and an easy-to-fold case. A perfect blend of style, safety, convenience, and convenience!

Prepare yourself for the future of sunglass technology by purchasing Faceshield Sunglasses! With a light, sturdy frame, which is meticulously designed to provide high-quality comfort and strength, Faceshield sunglasses will not fail to please. Cleanliness is easy and allows you to keep them fresh, and the non-fog interior and sun protection of up to 100 percent UVA and UVB is sure to ensure your eyes are protected! They come in a variety of sleek, fashionable styles that let you be yourself however you want. The new glasses we have designed are sure to give you the look of the king you truly are.

Faceshield glasses are the ideal accessory for your favorite glasses – whether on the beach at the golf course or playing tennis. The ultra-fine copper-coated mesh lets all the light pass through from both sides and offers exceptional transparency that is unparalleled. The coating is specially designed to prevent fogging, creating a comfortable level that can keep you wearing glasses for hours. Benefits of wearing Faceshield Glasses over tennis Goggles:

Here’s a unique product that will make anyone unique

Due to its 3.5mm thick lenses that resemble at-shape. The lenses also have anti-fog features and an anti-scratch coating for the lenses. This is an option for women and men. The universal size is suitable for all. The most famous scene from Avatar came from the night sequence in which a human being traveled to Pandora to study. Our elaborately designed eye masks are designed in a unique manner that you are able to be able to see the reflection if you stare directly at the Sun. Our material isn’t very robust, but it’s light and soft.

The style has received extremely positive reviews from customers. Its unique design is designed to provide you with complete safety and enjoyment during activities, whether leisure or work. It will block various ultraviolet radiation, shield your eyes, face, and other delicate parts from harmful influences, and allow you to take pleasure in all outdoor activities without any worries.

We offer UV400 Full Face Mask is made for outdoor sports such as cycling, skiing, and driving. Sunglasses protect you from getting your eyes injured due to UV rays. It also ensures your eyes are focused clearly when looking at distant objects. The smoke-colored glasses protect against glare by using a top-quality lens, shielding you from damaging UVA and UVB radiation.

You are entitled to the best life possible, and with this, you can get it.

Stand out from the rest with your brand-new sunglasses. Keep your style afloat with your favorite sport, racer, or sun runner glasses. You can also get the same style and performance as prescription glasses. Keep cool by shielding your eyes from UV radiation that measures 400 nanometers.



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