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Foam Neck Massager

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Experience total relaxation

With the U Shaped Pillow-Shoulder Cervical Massager. It has 18 powerful massage nodes that can be used on any area of the body. With its convenient size, the neck massager can be easily taken along with you in your car, to work or when traveling overseas.

Features:Material: nylon, ABS, PVC, and sponges. This multifunctional device can be used in two ways. As a pillow (used to place head), as a support pillow while reading or watching TV. It could also be used as a home cervical massage pillow; As a massager (used to massage scratching armpit and neck). This deluxe product has been designed to relieve neck pain, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation.

End pain now

With our U-Shaped Pillow Massager. Our ergonomic design uses a precise low-frequency pulse which is specifically designed to target the tight knots and restricted muscles found in your neck and upper back. With nine massage nodes to choose from, this Massager allows you to customize your massage experience. This product offers a powerful yet soothing experience as you relax in any location you choose!

The design of this neck massager is very simple, but the technology that it adopts makes it absolutely one of the best neck massagers on the market. It is a multifunctional massage pillow that includes massage modes for hands, feet, face, and neck for all your aches. This neck pillow can help relieve pain in your neck, back, and shoulders and make you feel more relaxed. The high-quality materials used to make this Massager make it safe and comfortable to use on a daily basis. The micro-vibration technology creates an unequaled experience by letting you massage with a strong vibration in just minutes while being super easy to apply to any part of your body you want.

This travel neck pillow is multifunctional.

Portable and can be used to remove back pain, shoulder stiffness, headaches, migraines, and more. It has adjustable temperature control and a comfortable head strap. This neck massager features five heat settings (50 degrees – 90 degrees Celsius) for versatile relaxation.

Relieve your tired, stiff neck and shoulders on the go with this U-shaped foam neck and shoulder massager. Provides convenient hands-free neck and shoulder massage anytime, anywhere. Our Massager provides a deep penetrating massage to the stiffest of muscles.

Head to toe pressure relief

From headaches, back and neck pains, muscle aches, and spasms can plague your everyday life. The Foam Neck Massage Pillow provides the perfect amount of comfort to give you relief while you travel, sitting at your desk at the office, watching TV, or any activity that puts strain on your back. With a built-in U shape, place it around your neck with the knots on each side and enjoy a pain-relieving Shiatsu massage.

Indulge yourself with the Foam Neck Massager. This portable and flexible neck pillow relieves tension from your aching muscles by gently massaging them. This portable neck pillow is powered by electricity, so you can use it in any place you prefer.

No matter whether you are on the bus or driving your car.

Why not enjoy this portable neck massager? It’s beneficial to relieve the pain of muscle stiffness, get relax, feel fresher; It is helpful for relaxation and relief of the stress after a long, tiring day. Massage your shoulders and neck directly with our portable electric neck & shoulder massager and feel the true comfort. It’s a great tool for those who spend long hours working behind the computer, in front of the TV, or even reading a book.

Our Massager is made with a foam neck support pillow so you can relax while reading, watching TV, or surfing the net in whatever position you want to. The backrest is cushioned to fit your neck, and the firm upper neck support helps alleviate cramps and aches.

Travel Neck Pillow

Perfect for Air, Car, Train, and Office Use: The foam neck pillow is designed after the famous U-shaped head pillow with soft silicone material, offering ultimate comfort to your neck, head, and shoulders. Build a tension-free lifestyle with this multi-function neck massager. Get rid of stress, relax mentally and physically, or switch up your mode to target cervical pain. With a total of 3 different massage methods and three power settings, you have complete control over your own comfort level. The neck massager can be used as a U-shaped pillow while watching TV and reading or as comfortable support for your head while sleeping.

This portable neck pillow is best for relieving the pain in your neck, head, and shoulders. With this electric massage pillow, you can have a great time watching TV, reading your favorite magazines, or listening to music by simply placing this soft and comfortable gadget around your neck. The ergonomic design makes it fit anyone perfectly, so it’s very practical to treat yourself at home or even use during your business trip. Use our U-shaped Massager when you are relaxing on the couch for some extra comfort and relaxation.

Designed to soothe aching muscles and provide deep-kneading massage with extra comfort

With two vibrating massage heads, two-way rotation, and up to 2800 rpm of power, you can control the intensity of your massages. Fully chargeable and portable, it fits into your car, office desk, airport, or even aircraft seat. Now you can easily relax on the go!

The electric neck and shoulder massager’s u-shaped design fits naturally into the curve of the neck and shoulders, allowing you to relax as the built-in vibration mechanism awakens tired muscles. The foam pillow is adjustable for a perfect fit to your necks shape. Great for relieving back pain, stress, muscle strain, and more!

The U Shaped Pillow offers pain relief.

Relax massage helps to reduce the stress that can cause neck problems. Using a soft and smooth brand one-way flap, you can adjust the tension of your neck/back as you please. Specially designed for long journeys, such as flights and bus rides.

Our electric neck Massager can effectively relieve pressure and tension in your neck and shoulder areas. It helps to eliminate stress and is a good choice for travel or home use. It can be used as a shoulder massager while driving. ———-

The U Shaped Pillow is not only good for neck and shoulder pain.

But also can be used to support the lower back and reduce stiffness of neck and shoulder muscles, for cervical vertebrae, cervical spondylosis, cervical arthrosis, cervical disc disease of cervical spinal cord injuries, cervical spondylotic radiculitis, or other chronic diseases. It not only can apply to the head but also can be used as a regular pillow when you travel. The pillow is very soft and comfortable when using it in your home.

If you’re searching for a gift for a loved one or partner or simply treating yourself to some much-needed self-care, this neck massager lets you relax your neck, relieve stress, and re-balance your body while you drive in the car at the office or home. Comes complete with built-in heat and adjustable speeds to give you maximum comfort. With an ultra-portable design that allows you to easily travel with it, use it wherever and whenever you need it most.

Give yourself, or someone special, a relaxing massage.

With this powerful pillow neck massager. It easily attaches to your car’s headrest allowing the back of your neck to massage as you drive in comfort. Its soft-touch cushion wraps around your head and shoulders relieving stress from an aching neck and back. With ten speeds and four different modes – relax, vibration, heat, and shiatsu massage – you can choose your preference for ultimate relaxation. It also comes equipped with an extra pocket that fits most cell phones, tablets, or even a small book.

A great product to soothe aching necks, this multifunctional neck massager features three massage settings (heat, vibration, and air pressure) designed to reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation. It is compact, lightweight, and perfect for taking on the go. It easily switches between modes to target specific areas on the neck, easing strains and pains while providing a warm and soothing, deep-tissue sensory experience.

Everyone needs to relax, as this hot and cold neck pillow is made of high-grade memory foam material and specifically designed for you. It effectively relieves your headache and neck pain when you lie down on it at home, office, or car. This neck pillow can be folded like a small bag and is easy to carry around with an adjustable shoulder strap attached as there are two kinds of surfaces: the soft velvety one that you can use in summer while the other frosted smooth one is perfect for winter.

Lightweight and portable

You can plug in the multifunctional portable shoulder cervical massager or use it on the go. With a U-shaped design, you can place this neck pillow on a chair, sofa, or bed to relieve your tired neck—perfect for the office, home, or while traveling.

This Electric Neck Massager has a design geared toward maximum comfort. The portable design and compact, lightweight mini-neck pillow fit easily into any travel bag or carry-on luggage. The travel size neck massager includes one travel neck pillow, one adapter, and one user manual.

Spending all day with your computer or driving in the car can take its toll on your neck and shoulders. Massaging these areas using our super soft U-neck pillow can ease tension and provide relief to sore muscles in the upper back and neck area. This multifunctional pillow is built to relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, spine problems, and other chronic aches. It’s easy to carry when going out for travel or business trips.

Portable, multifunctional electric neck massager

Use the heat function for a more relaxing massage and to relieve your muscle aches. The built-in heating function boosts blood circulation and provides long-lasting comfort that’s gentle on the skin.

A wonderful neck massager that helps eliminate stress and tension in the neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles. Perfect for both at-home use or on the go, you can use it in your office or when traveling. With a simple plug-and-play design, this pillow provides soothing relief wherever you feel it’s needed most. With six different settings, you get to choose the right amount of intensity for your comfort level.

This neck massager is a great way to relieve your neck.

Shoulder and back pain on the road. It is designed with an old method of deep kneading and rolling movements that help loosen the tense muscles in your neck, shoulder, and upper back. Great for relieving tension headaches, migraines, stiff necks, and shoulders from long hours seated at home or work. Portable size–you can carry it along when you’re traveling or on holiday!

Comfy foam neck & body massager shiatsu design. Provide massage on shoulders to carry a heavy bag. Multipurpose use: home, office, car, guest room, or when traveling.

Be free from body pains and aches.

With the multiple functions of our portable Massager. It can be used for the neck, back, shoulders, and arms, providing you with the most convenient experience in cases of back pain, stiff shoulders, and neck pain. So whether you are at home or on the go in your car, train or plane, this Massager will be a must-have tool to relieve your pain or stress.

Our neck pillow was designed by a doctor who is dedicated to solving the neck and shoulder pain caused by common daily activities, such as office work, reading, driving, and other activities. It also can be used as a travel pillow and lumbar support pillow. Besides, you can use it at home, when taking a nap. It supports head, shoulder & spine alignment, which gives optimal comfort for your neck & helps to relieve pain related to scoliosis, cervical spondylosis, cervical radiculitis, and so on.

If you are having back pain, muscle stiffness, neck pain after driving a long time, or just have an aching body and you really don’t have time to go to the parlor or spa but want to relax now, then you might want to try this Massager.


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