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Keep your beverage at the right temperature.

With this Electric Thermos Water Kettle. Its thermal cup keeps beverages hot for 6 hours and brews tea or coffee in your dorm, office, or home. It features a 360-degree rotatable base and automatic shutoff if it starts to overheat.

The Electric Thermos is a travel electric kettle that is designed for your best heat water. Handle detachable design makes it convenient to carry. You can put the milk in the cup and make coffee or tea. The temperature control function not only can brew different kinds of teas or make milk but also can be used to boil water at 100 ℃. It is a good choice for your different boil needs. Water capacity of 0.8L.

The Electric Thermos

Brand Portable Electric Kettle is a lightweight kettle with a power of 850W, available in two colors and four styles. It provides you the perfect time to make your favorite coffee, tea, and chocolate by powerful heating and keeping the temperature to ensure quality. More importantly, it can be used in many areas such as hotels, bars, dining rooms, offices, etc. With the whole body ABS+PC material, it is safe and healthy. Besides, the leather handle and base design make it comfortable to carry.

Your Healthy Coffee Ceramic Electric Water Kettle thermostat control color is changing with LED Lamp. We truly appreciate your support for our brand and hope this product can add warmth to your life.

Easily boil and serve coffee in one simple step.

Dual temperature electric kettle. Whether you’re looking to make a hot cup of coffee or tea or cook up something like soup or oatmeal, this digital thermal cup is designed to boil, heat, and keep your drinks at the perfect temperature. The auto-shutoff will switch the kettle off when it reaches the pre-set temperature, and a dedicated heating mode allows for serving without boiling. With an automatic standby function, a high-capacity water tank, and cord storage for easy storage, this compact kettle is all about function.

This Electric Kettle is a travel-proof electric water boiler. It’s the perfect companion for long journeys and outdoor activities; it will be the best choice for you to have hot water anywhere, anytime, and anywhere.

With our Electric Thermos, you can boil your water in seconds.

With zero power consumption and then stay hot or cold for up to 24 hours! This Hot Cold Cup comes with temperature control on the bottom. You can comfortably hold this cup anywhere between 160F-212F without any burn risk! The perfect gift for students, office workers, and housewives who insist on being healthy!

Create the perfect brew with this electric kettle. Travel Mug, Thermos Can hold 15 oz of water. 360-degree rotation swivel power cord makes it flexible to use at any angle. When using the appliance, you can set the temperature from 80-200 degrees Fahrenheit and the automatic shutoff feature turns off your device when water boils or runs out.

A Boss is a compact unit that can make almost every drink.

Including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more. The Boss comes with a powerful instant heating ceramic heating element that allows it to heat up water within seconds. At the same time, you have control over the temperature of the water (95°C to 100°C) with its built-in thermometer. </li>

What’s special? Fast heating, quick boiling inside and hot out, precise temperature control, and smart function. The electric water boiler can boil 500ml water in 3 mins, and the lid can be used as a cup 360 degrees free rotation, straight from cooker to table. Secret: please wait for a few minutes before opening the lid when you first use it. The air pressure will adjust to avoid unexpected splash. It’s worth a try.

After only a few minutes, hot water vapor begins to fill the bottom chamber.

Heating the flavor chamber and beverage holding tank. When the beverage is ready, a handy on/off switch gives you control over how much heat you want to add. It heats up in just 3 minutes–fast boiling time! And it features an auto shutoff feature, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on. A unique aesthetic design with a heating button makes it a great gift for anyone who wants the convenience of quick hot drinks anywhere.

The Electric Thermos is perfect for a range of hot drinks, including coffee, soup, tea, milk, and more. It’s also ideal for hot water for baby formula or cooking purposes. It comes with an adjustable temperature controller, which can maintain your chosen temperature between 50°C – 100°C. The light tea candle underneath can keep the pot warm after boiling, or high temperature use to save energy.

The Electric Portable Travel Kettle

Thermal Cup Coffee Water Boiler Temperature Control is all about convenience, safety, and style. Features Dual heat preservation mode, one-touch button operation, and temperature recommendations for your beverages. No more waiting in front of the hotplate or losing sleep over water boiled on a stovetop! With this unit, you can have heated water ready any time and anywhere.

The kettle is a portable electric kettle thermal cup. It is designed with a double shell stainless steel vacuum insulation structure. There is a hand-held grip handle on both sides, easy to carry, travel essential goods.

The new bottle is an electric kettle for travel use; with the ability to controllable temperature, it makes you enjoy hot water at any time. Whether at home or on the go, it can meet your demand for drinking warm water anytime and anywhere.

Convenient travel mug

With a built-in foldable spoon made of safe food-grade stainless steel, good for your health. Easy to clean with a large opening. Quick water boil and auto shutoff function make you use safely. Portable design is convenient for traveling. Electric heating is safer than traditional kettles.1 X Electric Thermal Cup

Have you ever experienced an electric water heater kettle for the first time of using it? Are you eager to find a portable kettle for outside?

This light and portable kettle can be used at home, in the office, or in your car. It is an excellent choice for heating water and maintaining hot temperatures. The kettle’s body is made of good quality PP material, making it heat-resistant, anti-scratch, and durable to use. It has a large capacity of 500ml (17oz), which enables it to hold enough water for making tea or coffee. When filled with water, it is totally insulated so as to not feel hot on the outside. The lid has a locking design to prevent spills.

The latest technology in electric kettles

Combines a modern design with convenient features to deliver an appliance that simplifies how you heat water. From fresh beverages to soups and more, this sleek unit provides fast heating performance to accommodate all of your hot food and beverage needs.

Electric thermos with large capacity, easy to carry and portable, anti-dry and efficient insulation, multi-function, temperature control, suitable for outdoor activities.

Electric thermos, which can provide a large amount of compartment, is built by PTC ceramic element and microcomputer control system. It can keep the temperature between 0-100 ℃ and is not only suitable for boiling water but also good for brewing tea or coffee. A good choice for your family or friends to enjoy life anytime and anywhere.

Stay warm on the coldest fall morning.

With a quick cup of hot coffee. This portable electric kettle boils water quickly, and at just the right temperature you prefer. What’s more, the Memory function will recall your favorite temperature. This coffee travel mug is also a professional coffee maker that can help you make your own coffee at the home, office, or in a car.

The latest component design electric kettle, with a thermal cup, which is the biggest advantage of our new generation product. Ultra-high temperature insulation design can keep the water boiling for a long time so that you don’t need to sense it. Quick heating, fast heating, and then transfer to the insulated cup. Water is pure and healthy. It not only can keep boiling water but is also convenient for you to drink, which can meet the demand of different people.

As an elite member of travel accessories

This portable electric thermo cup can keep water hot and fresh for a long time. It is very handy and easy to use. With advanced temperature control technology, you can adjust the temperature according to your personal preference. It will shut off automatically to prevent over-boiling.

The Electric Thermos travel kettle was a useful and smart electric kettle in 2018. It has many uses for all people in the world; it has a very powerful and high-efficiency condenser vacuum pump which can make the water become boiled within 1 minute automatically.

  • 1. The product can be used not only for heating water but for making instant noodles, blanching vegetables, and other cooking use.
  • 2. There is a large power indicator showing the power status of the kettle.
  • 3. There is a red switch that takes the kettle to boil.
  • 4. There is a blue light power switch to prevent water from boiling prematurely when using it at night or in a dark environment, which allows coffee to stay hot for over 12 hours.
  • 5. There is a 360-degree arc rotating base, which is more convenient to use.

This hot water dispenser can boil water in just a few minutes.

And uses its smart temperature control technology to make it suitable for any kind of brewing device, including coffee makers, tea machines, milk frothers, and humidifiers. It delivers safe, clean, fresh hot water through the removable lid, and its 1-meter long power cord can be stowed away within the compartment in the kettle’s handle when not in use.


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