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Dash Cam 3 in 1

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Have a comfortable and hassle-free journey everywhere

By using the 3 In 1 Car DVR with 4 Dual Lens HD 1080P dashboard camera. Made from premium materials that offer high-definition recording, allowing you to record your journey in its full splendor. With the loop recording feature, it records every detail. Moreover, with its Auto On/Off feature, it records automatically when the car engine is switched off or on. It also has two ways of power supply for use using an internal rechargeable battery or connecting the cigarette lighter in your car straight to your car’s dashboard camera. This Digital Video Recorder includes G-Sensor, WDR, Night Vision, and many more professional features.

Bring your safety while driving step up by using an all-in-one dashcam. It’s a complete car dashcam DVR camera with dual-lens HD 1080p. The camera can record video when driving but can also be utilized as a digital video recorder, and it has an inbuilt microphone that can record audio. It can record loops and includes work for clear and crisp visibility both in dark and bright environments.

Dash Cam 3 in 1 Dash Cam 3 in 1 is the result of combining three different products.

Dash cams are car DVDs with a front- and back-view mirror, a gooseneck camera as well as an LCD screen. With features like the IPS touchscreen, WDR ( wide dynamic range), remote viewing via WiFi, G-sensor security as well as the ability to hardwire your DVR directly to the car’s power source to ensure constant power sources and loop recording after the storage capacity is full You can’t go wrong!

With a screen of 4 inches and a 13-megapixel camera, this dash cam can assist you in reviewing all your great driving times. The WDR technology offers super-high-resolution images and superior video quality even in low lighting and guarantees that the video will be clear, even in dim lighting conditions. Additionally, we include GT680 graphic processors to enhance your Dash Cam display to make it smoother and more efficient. It is impossible to miss a crucial moment thanks to the auto power-on feature as you start your vehicle. The Car DVRs will provide evidence of all accidents that may occur while driving.

Are you looking to record your driving but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg but still want something of the highest quality? Thanks to our team for bringing out the top car DVRs of the highest quality. This dashcam from G-Sensor has everything you require to be the best performance.

The Dash Cam with LED light transforms your car into a security system.

Make sure your car is protected and show evidence of accidents since it records when parked, in addition to when you drive. This camera for cars is a car DVR Dash Camera and Travel Recorder that will make a great travel companion.

We are excited to present to you our latest version in the category of Dash Cam car DVRs in the market! Utilizing the latest technologies and research, this gadget can record audio and video simultaneously when it is used as a Dash Cam or Car DVR.

A great option for all automobiles, 4″ DASH CAM features an impressive camera lens as well as an industry-leading sensor. It gives clear pictures that capture your experience driving. In the recording, every second of driving, the dash cam can aid you in safer driving while also helping to protect your precious cargo and protect yourself if it becomes necessary. Make your travels more efficient with our 3-in-1 HD device consisting of a dashcam GPS tracker, GPS, and a wireless hotspot for portable WiFi – all accessible via our user-friendly app, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


Enjoy your journey with no worries! This 4” ash-colored Car DVR Camera with Dual Lens HD1080P Dash Cam Automatic Digital Video Recorder Camera Dashcam IPS Touch Screen G Sensor WDR Car DVRs are a must to have! You can record your entire life as you drive by, recording everything interesting.

The most recent model version of Vantrue has two cameras built-in! The sleek and sturdy design distinguishes it from other models in the market. The 3-in-1 design can be used for a variety of functions, such as biking, hiking, driving, and many more. If you are a frequent driver and would like to be alert on the road, it is the perfect solution for your needs. This will help you be safe on the road and feel confident knowing that you’re being recorded. Real-time recording lets you record every detail in sharp 1080P HD videos or photos of your vehicle and you. The dashcam auto digital video recorder has an IPS 4” touchscreen display that shows all the details clearly. It’s being built to last by using a metal case as well as a fingerprint sensor located on the side.

Camcorder dashcam or backup camera.

It comes with a simple interface that you can use with just one hand. The top HD video recording at 1080p resolution allows users to record vehicles’ license plates, vehicles, and beautiful vistas in stunning quality.

The Dual Lens Car DVR Camera will record your driving experience when in motion. It will also assist you if you are involved in accidents and require video evidence. It has a front-facing camera that provides footage that shows the roadway ahead. It has a high-definition wide-angle lens which gives clear views of the action to 160 degrees. Moreover, the rear camera captures the scene behind your vehicle. Watch the video on your phone or tablet with the app that is specifically designed for it.

The Dash Cam 3 in 1 is high definition 4” 16MP FPV action camera and car DVR, as well as a GPS tracker in one. It comes with high-speed HD recording with night and daytime vision with a wide-angle lens; the design is waterproof, as well as a G sensor that automatically saves videos and images onto micro SD card…No expensive subscriptions are needed.

In terms of security on the road having a dash camera in your vehicle isn’t just a suggestion and advisable; it’s actually a requirement. Why not make the whole experience as comfortable and smooth as possible? Get acquainted with our latest dash camera and the very first auto-dash cam with an IPS touchscreen. The 3-in-1 has top-of-the-line features, so you don’t need to be concerned about your dashcam ever again and still enjoy the clear, crisp 2880x2160p quality, which makes our Dash Cam such a leader in its field.

Dashcam-3in1 is not just compatible with

TV and Car DVD player and PC, and the most up-to-date Android 4.4.2 OREO system, Support REAL-TIME digital video recording(DVR), Dual Lens, Right Angle Lens to improve your viewing experience in your car!

Dashcam, as well as a car DVR camera, Parking mode Dash Cam, and car black box all in one. 1080p resolution and touch screen TFT display, which has smooth and clear video recording as well as a safe and secure driving surrounding for you.

Take advantage of this 3-in-1 concept to help you save money and time with just one device, The dual-lens Dash Cam. It’s suitable for many uses like video chatting, driving recording, parking monitors, or emergency recording. Dash Cam Dash Cam has an integrated G-Sensor as well as a Car Mode that offers enhanced video stabilization to ensure that drivers enjoy crystal clear videos without having to worry about vibrations or bumps hindering their devices.

Made up of a 5MP high-definition High-Definition Wide Angle Lens car camera

It can record HD video in 1080P and also takes crisp photos. Dash cams are able to capture beautiful sights as you travel on. There’s a choice you have to make in the realm of business which is to take or need to be taking? BOSS Enterprise BOSS Enterprise believes that you’re entitled to the latter, which is why we’ve developed a three” DVR car camera. Now, you can make professional-looking footage for your business requirements whenever you require it.

Dash Cam 3 in 1 camera is an innovative device that combines a dash camera as well as a driver recorder, portable car camera, and GPS navigator that will help you make your riding or driving a safer trip. The camera for your car can be your best friend when parking and assessing the road conditions in front of you, giving peace of mind while backing up. It’s also the ideal travel companion that will help document your journeys.

Dash Cam 3 in 1 Car DVR Cameras are the perfect method to record your journey and record every second of your trip. The perfect camera for recording your trips with our top dash cameras. They come with dual lenses, ultra-high-resolution recording at 1080p, and a wide dynamic range to provide high-quality images. Equipped with an impressive 4” touchscreen, you can easily alter the settings so that you make sure you record the perfect footage every time.

Let your memories live forever.

Don’t regret not using a camera to record memorable moments. This 4-inch Car DVR Camera allows you to record while driving and provides an image that is crystal clear, thanks to WDR technology. The built-in gravity sensor allows you to track all sorts of data while driving, including how fast and the direction of the vehicle. It works with a variety of brands, with a switchable USB port, and can be easily mounted on your dashboard, windshield, or rearview mirror with no additional bracket.

With crystal clear high-definition video, you are able to go further back into time. You can record your entire driving experience from the perspective you’re at the wheel. This dashcam is also able to support photos and has a G-sensor and 2.4 inches touchscreen that is IPS-compatible for ease of use, which makes it ideal for every vehicle!

Dash Cam 3 in 1 Camera, the top car DVR for 2017 that can record up to 1080P HD Resolution the 170deg wide angle super-wide lens provides 18.0MP photos at 30FPS speed and 12MP pictures at 60FPS speeds. True night vision, 2.5 LCD Touch Screen G-sensor

This 3-in-1 dash camera HD comes with all the features.

You’re looking for an affordable price. It can record HD video and audio, as well as images, simultaneously. With its touch screen that measures 3 inches with a dual-lens lens that is powerful, you will be able to easily identify the license plate and road conditions as you drive. The dashcam comes with WDR technology that enhances the quality of the image by analyzing the light coming from different sources and automatically alters it. Utilizing H.264 compression, the dashcam can record videos of high-resolution with amazing levels of detail, which allows you to capture more details and enables people to broadcast their experiences with your friends. The sly yet efficient DVR completes everything by plugging it into the car’s cigarette lighter outlet and starting recording.

Are you involved in an accident? Was it your fault? If you’re looking to capture important events and moments during your drive and incidents, then you should consider our 3-in-1 Auto DVR Camera. The small size of this camera for cars allows it to be easy to carry and use, and the lens that is adjustable captures high-quality images and video.

Dash Cam Dash Cam is a 3-in-1 car video recorder that lets you record your journey and also take still images or videos of special moments in the world. It detects when something is happening and then automatically records the audio and video. It can be used to record your amazing adventures without worrying about the quality of the footage. This Touch Screen gives you full control over the way you record your trip, straight into HD 1080p! The innovative dash camera features a 170-degree wide-angle lens, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) to ensure accurate color reproduction, high-quality pictures, as well as night vision, and a seven-element glass lens which guarantees high-quality image clarity even when the light is low.

The car cam in the portable can support touchscreens.

It is possible to use your fingers to control this device, which makes it easy to record the hilarious or moving area. It’s not just simple but also trendy. The dashcam kit utilizes the most modern materials and high-definition video shooting features, including 1080P full HD (1920×1080 pixels), 30 fps real-time video recording, and a wide viewing angle. Support for continuous video recording and automatic video recording while turning the vehicle at a specific speed, as well as a parking monitor functions when starting the car.

The D-LINK Car DVR is the perfect combination of 4in 1, which allows you to record videos & Snapshots, and edit them on your PC or Mac, amazing you with its simplicity&effectiveness. It’s extremely beneficial in ensuring security for you and your family and also enhancing the enjoyment of your car journey, particularly when you travel with children or elderly individuals. If an accident occurs due to a careless driver, it would be an evidence-based argument for an effective claim. Additionally, you can utilize it to capture unforgettable moments of singing karaoke, driving by scenic places, and other scenes that are related to driving.



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