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Car Steering Wheel Lock

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Antitheft Retractable Double Hook

Car Clutch Pedal Wheel Clutch Brake Lock Universal car steering wheel lock Antitheft car pedal lock. This lock is a universal car steering wheel lock and antitheft car pedal lock to maximize car safety. It’s a retractable double hook car clutch pedal wheel clutch brake lock that can be used for a wide range of cars, buses, pick-up trucks, and vans that are not equipped with a clutch safety switch.

Retractable Double Hook Car Clutch Pedal Wheel Clutch Brake Lock. Retractable can be adjusted in length. Protect your car from theft! Lock the steering wheel and clutch together with a brake lock to prevent thieves from driving away from your vehicle.

Easy to install

The adjustable brake lock will fit any car. Completely locks steering wheel to prevent vehicles from being stolen. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns, and we are very happy to serve you.

High strength, safety, and reliability. Antitheft steering wheel locks to protect your car from theft. This steering wheel lock is heavy-duty, durable, and reliable, which can protect your vehicle for years to come.

This retractable car lock is durable and flexible, a good car accessory to protect your car against theft.

No one can steal a car that he can’t drive away, and this prevents almost all car theft. Immobilizes the steering wheel, and it hooks over the steering wheel and locks with a key, Also hooks over the brake pedal to keep your car where it belongs, in your driveway…or parking space.

Don’t take any chances on the security of your vehicle

Use the Lockable Clutch Pedal Wheel Clutch Brake Lock, which offers protection against vehicle tampering and theft. The steering lock easily attaches to the steering wheel, preventing criminals from driving off with your car. Ideal for every vehicle!

Steering Wheel Lock Self-defense Club Car Anti-theft Lock Vehicle Aluminum Alloy Car Steering Wheel Club Product


  • Brand new and high quality
  • Universal fit for all vehicles, vans, and caravans
  • Security device removes unlawful access
  • It prevents your car from being driven away
  • The unique design of double pedals improves the practicality of using
  • Anti-drill lock cylinder for more security
  • This newly designed Security Lock can enhance the safety of vehicles against theft.

Product Usage

  1.  Insert the clutch pedal lock into the clutch pedal;
  2.  Rotate the key to lock the product;3
  3. Remove the key after locking

The antitheft device for cars of the new generation, which is used to lock the vehicle’s steering wheel and ensure safety, is also a pedal lock. Portable, easy to fit, and equipped with a modern code change system. It is placed on the car’s steering wheel, and that’s it; nobody can drive your car!

Get a solid night’s sleep knowing your car, SUV, or truck is protected.

Whether you have an expensive car or a beater that you love, Uxcell Car Lock is designed to protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism. Protect yourself and your ride by locking it up at night and when you’re not using it with Uxcell Car Lock.

Constructed of high-quality, high-strength manganese steel + zinc alloy, anti-oxidation, and wear-resistant, difficult to break, the lock body is thickened so that the lock body is more resistant to pull and impact. The lock core uses a laser keyhole and a rotating lock core design, which has strong security and multiple unlocking methods to prevent theft.

Lock your steering wheel and save yourself the worry of theft

This simple-to-use gadget works with most steering wheels to help prevent theft. It is made from durable steel and has a vinyl coating. Retractable Double Hook Car Clutch Pedal Wheel Clutch Brake Lock Anti-theft Car Steering Wheel Lock Universal car steering wheel lock

Anti-theft Car Steering Wheel Lock Retractable Double Hook Car Clutch Pedal Lock Steering Wheel Security Lock is made of high-quality steel and alloy, durable, sturdy, and long service life.

This Double Hook Locking System is made of high-quality steel and a durable hardened lock to protect it from being cut or sawed. It includes a special car steering wheel lock that prevents your car from being stolen.

This car steering wheel lock is made of high quality.

It is retractable and easy to use and store. The steel cable reinforcements around the lock body will ensure the safety of your car.

Brand new and high quality. Safety cover, the lock would not hurt your hand and has a good antitheft effect. Three-inch blade alloy lock beam, the connection with the lock body, is a spherical shape design to enhance the safety factor. Alloy steel production can twist tens of thousands of times without deformation. It uses using compact structure, convenient storage. Strong and strengthened rotating supporting points greatly strengthen its locking force and increase its lock life. Easy installation with no tools required! Simply place it around the steering wheel and turn the key to lock!

Made of one-piece steel and the surface is treated with an anti-oxidation spray

It has strong collision resistance and has the function of resisting thieves. The product adopts the deformation spring design and can automatically recover after stepping on, which is simple and convenient.

High-strength lock body and double-end multi-point lock prevent the lock from being cut by a saw. 360° cylinder lock inside prevents breaking, opens with a key, and has multiple insurances.

 The anti-saw lock tongue and anti-saw gear teeth make it impossible to see off the lock. Thickened and thickened zinc alloy locking levers make it more difficult to cut off with a cutting tool.


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