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2K Dual Dash Cam

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This Dual Dash Cam

It is an automobile Dvr Video Recorder that has a camera rearview. It can record video from in front of the car as well as the back of the vehicle simultaneously. It also records videos when you’re not driving. You can make use of it as a house security camera.

The 2-K dual Dash Cam will capture crisp and clear video in high-definition 1080p for replay on your television or computer. Its Dash Cam mounts to your dashboard using suction mounts, and a camera for rear view connects to the taillight of your vehicle to capture footage that could be used as evidence in the event in the event of an accident. The built-in 4-inch Cycle Recording System allows you to switch between video recording and recording by pressing one button. The cycle recording feature will be activated every 60 seconds when you drive and will leave the camera at the ready to record in the event of incidental accidents.

2-K Dual Dash Cam is a video recorder and DVR for your vehicle that records the entire moment in HD with 30 frames per second. It also serves as rear as well as a front Dash Cam recorder. With the capability of cyclic recording, it allows you to schedule a recording program that automatically runs up to 3 times using two separate recording settings. In the event that an unplanned event occurs while you’re in your car, only pictures will be recorded in a timely manner, and the video recording is not overwritten. It also creates its own Mirror Image Video File. If you replay, your video may toggle to this setting (Split-Screen) to show both reverse and forward views simultaneously on your display.

It combines a rear and front dash cam, as well as an electronic cycle recorder.

It can record high-definition, crystal clear HD video that can run for 40 minutes on a memory card of 8GB and then directly into the USB drive you prefer. The cycle recorder features two slots for the rear and front cameras. It is used for security reasons. using the expansion SD memory card (optional)

2. Dual Dash Cam is a security device that has three main functions: video recording as well as a cycle recorder, and a back view camera. The two cameras come with large high-definition color screens, which serve as a rearview camera that can be used for driving and an additional pair of eyes to record front-facing video. On its 4″ screen, the dashcam displays the footage from both cameras on one screen, and you can switch between the two cameras separately. Dual dash cameras can be mounted to the windshield of your vehicle (either on the upper or lower) to ensure that it’s away from view but is always visible. It is also fitted with an SD card that can be used for recording with extended capabilities, and it is compatible with SDXC cards that have up to 128GB of capacity. An SDXC card of 128GB is currently able to hold around 12 hours of video. This means you can record your entire trip or capture something before leaving in the event that you want to.

The Newest 2K Camera that has Gyro Sensor, as well as Cycle Recording, has come out! The backup camera records Forward video and rearview video simultaneously.

This 2K twin dash cam kit comes with a high-definition digital black box recorder.

With a cycling recording function. It’s a great method to record all the events while driving to ensure your safety. The dashcam comes with the capability of recording external audio and has the ability to record time and date. It’s simple to install in any vehicle. You can connect it to the power supply 12-24V.

The dual dash cam 2K is the most-loved dash cam available on It can also automatically change to a rearview camera when following a trailer. It offers high-quality videos in 1080P/30FPS or 720P/60FPS resolution and night vision capabilities up at 32 feet. It can even playback videos on a TV or PC using AVI format.

What are the options when you’re searching for the top 2k dual dash camera? If so, then be sure to check out the following highlights of this model:

Provide you with a more enjoyable driving experience more quickly and without the risk of traffic accidents. This product allows video recording and also takes photos when you have to record your driving video. It provides you with evidence to ensure that accidents cannot be prevented through accidents turning into an actuality. Enjoy your trip. Be stress-free with just one click.

2K dual dash cams are specifically designed to work with your car’s DVR video recorder

Dashcams 1080p video recorders with rearview camera 4.0″ cycle recorder dashcam drivers for cars DVR 3 in 1 2K dashcam – the best dashcam for cars that records in high-quality images that can be used to provide evidence should you require it.

Take your next trip in the comfort of your vehicle, thanks to the 2-K dual Dash Cam that combines a cycle recorder dashcam, a front and back view record camera, and a DVR-compatible video recorder in one. This camera is powerful and features an ultra-high-definition 1080p camera that can capture sharp images even at night with Infrared Night Vision. The rugged camera can endure all weather conditions due to the IP67 ratings for waterproofing. It is simply plugged into the cigarette lighter socket on your car, and then watch for your engine to kick off. With a 4-GB internal memory flash, you’ll be able to be sure that you will not lose any important data. Make use of this useful technology with this dual dash camera, Dvr 3 in 1.

Are you sick of worrying about being in an accident but have difficulty finding a dash camera that records your vehicle? If yes, we have the solution you’ve been looking for! We’ve incorporated 4 cameras into our brand new car DVR dash camera. The front camera is 1080 px, and the two rear cameras have 720p resolutions. The recorders include a video cycle recording and a three-channel video recording. You can view the latest videos from the channels listed on your phone using the no-cost app.

A beautiful location or moment from your life

The 2K car DVR has a front camera as well as 1080P video recording as well as a rearview camera backup. You will experience the absolute satisfaction of driving either on your own or with others in the stunning dual dash cams designed for automobiles!

We provide a fantastic 2K dashcam that has a resolution of 1920×1080 and also includes a rearview camera! You will get amazing crystal clear videos that can clearly see every detail from miles away. We have our 2K Dual Dash Cam for sale at the most affordable price. Take advantage of the clear image and vibrant, clear colors.

A dual-camera dashboard cam can be the ideal device to track how you drive. With two-way resolution and 110-degree videos, you will be confident while driving without worrying about parking problems. The rearview lets you view what’s behind you using the screen of the unit. Be safe from injuries and other people who would like to injure by keeping cameras in your vehicle, which can capture every incident that occurs.

We are excited to introduce our dual dash Cam in 2K to you. It features two 1080P cameras and a rearview camera, which means you can take pictures of the road ahead when you drive. Additionally, it has the cycle function that will automatically capture photos when an accident is discovered. With the powerful battery inside, it will allow up to 6-9 hours of continuous recording (Cycle setting).

the Original Dual Dash Cam

2. 2K Dual HD Dash Cam is a low-cost method of recording your driving experiences to be used for security reasons (evidence) as well as driving lessons or even as professional drivers. It’s simple to install, configure and operate. With its small size and features, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t have it. It has the “2 in 1” system that lets you quickly adjust the viewing angle of not just the front-facing camera but also the back-facing auto reverse camera as well.

Elegant car security camera designed to safeguard your vehicle and yourself and your family, particularly useful when you’re exhausted or driving through the rain. Real Plug and Play, there is no requirement to download drivers. A 2K camera equipped with a super HD lens will record and play clear details of your driving. It can also be set to a cycle record function to avoid overwriting data. Package Includes 1x2K Dual Dash Cam 1x Windshield Suction Cup Mounts 1x Car Bracket.

Do not worry about being somewhere in the wilderness, thanks to this dual dash camera in 2K. Easy to install and access the device, it captures 1080P video and takes photos while you travel. If a vehicle is in front of you, the two 180deg rotatable lenses automatically adjust to record your drive. Do not be a victim of blindspots again.

Introducing 2K Dual Dashcam. Whatever you’re driving, your journey will be captured with the 2-K Dual Dashcam. The moment you capture and record the scenic beauty of the road will be a treasure for all time! Make traveling safer and more enjoyable.

The reality isn’t always seen in a car’s rearview mirror.

This 8″ 2K High-Definition Dual Lens Car DVR Dash Cam System with a 4.0″ Car Rearview Camera and Cycle Recording is a fantastic option for people who wish to record high-quality footage, as well as stunning visuals. The 3 in 1 car Video Recorder is constructed of sturdy, environmentally friendly materials and features that are waterproof and make film recording using this device a breeze.

2K Dual Dash Cam car Dvr Video Recorder Dash Cam. This dashcam is able to record videos at 1080p HD resolution. It also comes with rearview cameras with photo synchronization cycling recording, as well as park monitor modes. Wide-angle lenses allow recording better in locations that are limited in space.

Why buy multiple devices to record your rearview, car, and cycle video separately when you can get them all bundled into one device? This 1080-pixel 2K dual Dash Cam is a feature-packed car video recorder with two cameras: one that is facing your face and the other towards the back. Equipped with the 4.0″ touchscreen LCD on its front side, users are able to observe and record your video in real-time, ensuring that everything will be clear and saved to the card. The dashcam comes with various viewing options such as split-screen, full-screen as well as time-lapse photography. It also has an emergency switch that lets you record unexpected accidents or accidents when driving.

This 2K Dashcam, which comes with a rearview camera, is a vehicle video recorder.

Dashcam and cycle recorder all in one. Simply connect it, and it’s in the position to take a video. As a dashcam, it will not only capture your driving, but it also will automatically switch on when your car is started and shut off after the car has stopped. With a wide-angle view and night vision infrared technology, this dash cam can capture all the sights around you as you drive at night. In addition, it will also capture your day-to-day life by connecting the rearview camera to it.

Capture video in high-definition with Dual dash cameras when you drive. Thanks to its camera in the rear, touchscreen screen, and cycle recording that allows you to keep track of your entire drive. Make it easy to keep track of every moment on the road by using this dash cam in 2K.

Add 2K dual dvr to your shopping cart. It records live video and is able to play back right after recording. You can view them on your screen or connect your DVR to television via an AV cable to allow editing or playing on your computer. This DVR can even see reviews from the cameras in real-time and then record them. With a high-performance 16G card, it is able to keep more than 16 hours of one cycle of recording when connected to two cameras. In addition, an extra rearview backup camera will provide greater security for those who drive a vehicle on the road.

The 2K Dual Dash Cam DVR is the strongest car Dashcam combo DVR created through 2K Chips Technology.

The 2K Dual Dash Cam, the top of the line in video recording technology

Created for drivers, this device has two cameras built-in that can capture HD audio and video from both sides, simultaneously recording all the happenings surrounding you. All recordings are stored on your smartphone or on a microSD card, which means there is no need to worry as they’re never lost. The back view mirror accessory lets you set the cameras however you want to.

Capture every moment of your driving using your 2K Dual Dash Cam. This 2K Dual performs like a 3-camera system, but it’s just a two-camera system. With a built-in camera for rear view, it allows you to create even more professional and user-friendly footage. Make 4K Ultra HD 1080P Full HD, 1080P Full HD, and 720P FHD video with this dashcam which comes with recordings in the loop, G-sensor, and an automatic parking mode so that the most important moments in your life are not lost.



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